Marvel Studios Considered Star Trek's New Spock for MCU Captain America

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Marvel Studios has always been famous for its impeccable casting - take Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man and Chris Evans' Captain America for example. But for as long as there has been MCU movies to get excited about many have been eager to discuss the actors who almost got these roles before the coveted Marvel Studios stars stole the show.

Countless actors auditioned to play the MCU's Star Spangled Man, including Bucky Barnes' Sebastian Stan, John Walker's Wyatt Russell, and John Krasinski, who has since become the top fan cast for Reed Richards. But ultimately, Evans landed the role and the rest is history.

Now, another contender for Marvel Studios' Steve Rogers has emerged, one who has since gone on to take a leading role in the Star Trek world.

This Star Trek Actor Could Have Been Captain America

Spock, Star Trek Discovery
Star Trek

While The Direct was in attendance at Atlanta's 2022 Dragon Con this weekend, Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Spock actor Ethan Peck revealed that he auditioned to play the MCU's Captain America at the inception of the MCU.

When asked to discuss his most memorable audition, Peck recalled being one of "a smaller few" to be considered to play Steve Rogers' Captain America before also going on to come "pretty close" to play The Boys' The Deep:

"I've had a lot of bad ones and some good ones, I guess. But some memorable ones, I was of a smaller few [group of actors] to be considered for Captain America many years ago, which stands out. And also, I came pretty close to the role of The Deep in The Boys."

Peck went on to reveal a "recurring dream" he has in which he auditions for "Spielberg or someone of that caliber" and forgets his lines at the last moment:

"I have a recurring dream - this is the worst audition - where I am reading for Spielberg or someone of that caliber. It's happened a few times. I get the callback, and I'm like ready to go, I've signed as. And I'm one person away from getting called in, and I'm like, 'I don't know my lines.' And that's a true terror for me."

Was Chris Evans the Right Choice for Captain America?

Ethan Peck, Wyatt Russell, John Krasinski, Jensen Ackles, Alexander Skarsgård, Wilson Bethel, and Scott Eastwood. All of those Hollywood stars were in contention to play the MCU's First Avenger and Chris Evans came out supreme, but was he the right decision?

Well, clearly everything worked out for the best as Captain America went on to become one of the most popular Avengers and lead arguably the most beloved trilogy in the MCU. Part of that success comes down to Evans' performance as the all-American hero and how he visually encapsulates the character.

Marvel Studios' casting choices will always be important as more franchises begin and new heroes enter the fold, but none will be as essential as the original six. After all, everything about Phase 1 had to run smoothly to sell audiences on the concept of the MCU and its long-term potential.

Particularly as the Multiverse grows evermore important, it's interesting to consider the worlds that could have been, had an actor such as Peck landed the role. Perhaps some of these actors may eventually get the chance to tackle a Captain America Variant in Secret Wars or another MCU project.

With regard to who Peck could play in the MCU today; Fantastic Four's Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, still needs an actor and many believe Peck to be a killer choice for the role. Perhaps that may be coming from his performance as sci-fi genius Spock in the Star Trek universe, but he certainly has the look for the hero.

Chris Evans' Captain America trilogy is streaming now on Disney+.

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