Captain America Villain Crossbones Will Return To MCU In Disney+'s What If...? Show

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to embark on its biggest year yet in 2021, bringing ten new projects to the big screen as well as the Disney+ streaming services. While nine of them are the classic live-action adventures fans have come to know and love, Marvel Studios will take a chance in the world of animation as well with the Disney+ series What If...?.

This show will explore what could have been in the MCU if small details were changed. Some confirmed stories include what would happen if Peggy Carter took the super-soldier serum, and if Yondu Udonta had taken a young Prince T'Challa from Wakanda instead of Peter Quill before he became Star-Lord.

The best part about this show is that nearly every actor from the MCU will reprise their on screen role in voiceover fashion the animated adventures. Not many official news releases have confirmed specific actors, although one was penciled in for an appearance in a recent news blast.


In a new interview with Collider, MCU star Frank Grillo confirmed that he is returning to voice Crossbones in Marvel Studios' animated Disney+ show What If...?. He will make his fourth appearance in the MCU after live action roles in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. He also had a short cameo role during the time heist in Avengers: Endgame.

Grillo simply stated "I'm in it. I've been doing it" when asked about his involvement in the animated anthology series.

His full interview can be seen below:



While this doesn't come as much of a shock considering how many MCU actors are said to be involved with What If...?, it's fantastic getting confirmation directly from one of the cast members.

Grillo has portrayed the rough SHIELD-veteran-turned-HYDRA-traitor since 2014, and he has been regularly vocal about being open to a potential return since Brock Rumlow was killed off in Captain America: Civil War. Making a name for himself as one of Steve Rogers' most intense and personally connected villains, it makes plenty of sense that his story would continue in this alternate take on the MCU's history.

There is no word concerning what role Crossbones will play in the animated series, especially considering this same show will be giving the MCU a zombie version of Captain America in at least one episode. No matter what becomes of his story, it will be yet another excellent addition to this growing cast of the MCU's classic heroes and villains.

What If...? is set to premiere on Disney+ in Summer 2021.


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