Bunny The First Descendant: How To Unlock, Ultimate Bunny Skin & Best Build Guide

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First Descendant Bunny

Once unlocked, The First Descendant's Bunny can be a force to be reckoned with especially after finding the perfect build and earning her sought-after Ultimate skin. 

Coming from Korean publisher Nexon, The First Descendant is a new free-to-play shooter set in a unique futuristic science fiction world. 

Players take control of a variety of characters (including the electric-weilding, Bunny) equipped with unique elemental abilities, as they take down enemies and collect loot. 

How To Unlock Bunny in First Descendant

Bunny from The First Descendant wearing futuristic armor and being surrounded by electricity

Fans looking to get their hands on Bunny in The First Descendant can unlock the character quite easily. 

Unlocking characters in Nexon's new free-to-play shooter is a fairly simple process. All that is needed is specific crafting material unique to each character as well as their Training Stage. 

Unlocking characters can be done so in the hub region of Albion, by interacting with Anais, the Magister, and getting access to the Research Institute.

Once the Institute is unlocked, simply access the location in Albion and offer the correct resources for the desired character. 

To unlock Bunny specifically, one needs to collect Bunny Enhanced Cells, Bunny Stabilizer,  Bunny Spiral Catalyst, and Bunny Code and finish the Bunny Crafting Training Stage. 

All four of these resources are found as a part of various quests in the Kingston region of the game. 

Below is a list of the resources and the quest to complete to obtain them:

  • Bunny Enhanced Cells - "Move to the Fallen Theater" 
  • Bunny Stabilizer - "Infiltrate the Magister Lab Operation"
  • Bunny Spiral Catalyst - "Search for Hidden Data"

The completion of Kingston region quests rewards the player with what is known as Bunny Amorphous Material, which contains the Bunny Code; however, to actually obtain the final piece in the Bunny puzzle, players have to take on one last challenge. 

Once these three items are in the player's inventory (and the Bunny Amorphous Material), and the Kingston region has been unlocked, this will grant access to the vast Albani Mountains.

When in the snow-capped peaks of Albani, the player will be tasked with defeating the GraveWalker boss quest on normal. After this final fight, all the pieces will be in place to unlock Bunny. 

With all the required material simply head back to Albion, put in a Research Request for Bunny, and collect the new character. 

Unlocking Bunny's Ultimate Skin

The Ultimate Bunny skin in The First Descendant

Ultimate skins (including Bunny's) are unique and special cosmetic items players can unlock as they play First Descendant

Unlike some other games, Ultimate variants of characters are not just simple reskins. They are a wholly new character, sporting a special costume as well as beefed-up stats and more powerful abilities. 

Unlocking Ultimate Bunny required a long list of prerequisites, serving as one of the game's most prestigious rewards at launch. 

Unlocking Ultimate characters are done in a similar way to the base versions of the game's cast, but require even more resources to do so. 

Instead of four simple ingredients, Ultimate Bunny calls for 14 different item types as well as 2,250,000 Gold. These resources are then crafted into Ultimate Bunny Enhanced Cells, Ultimate Bunny Stabilizer, Ultimate Bunny Spiral Catalyst, and Ultimate Bunny Code.

All of these can be found by repeating quests in the open world. After acquiring all the needed resources players will need to complete one final boss fight (known as a Void Intercept Battle) which will appear in the lower-left corner of the map.

Below is everything needed to unlock Ultimate Bunny in The First Descendant:

  • 900,000 Gold
  • Ultimate Bunny Enhanced Cells
    • 450,000 Gold
    • 949 Repton
    • 919 Ceramic Composite
    • 73 Encrypted Neural Circuit
    • Ultimate Bunny Enhanced Cells Blueprint
  • Ultimate Bunny Stabilizer
    • 450,000 Gold
    • 1,285 Superfluid
    • 869 Hardener
    • 102 Specialized Biometal
    • Ultimate Bunny Stabilizer Blueprint
  • Ultimate Bunny Spiral Catalyst
    • 450,000 Gold
    • 1,247 Carbon Crystal
    • 1,023 Reverse Charging Coil
    • 89 Pure Energy Residue
    • Ultimate Bunny Spiral Catalyst Blueprint
  • Ultimate Bunny Code

The Best Bunny Build

Bunny posing with her hands on her hips in The First Descendant

The best Bunny build in The First Descendant can be a hyper-powerful character in the co-op shooter, sporting an excellent combination of speed and high damage. 

Bunny as a character is based on momentum and uses her speed to launch devastating electricity-based attacks. 

The more Bunny runs around the map, the more static electrics she charges, allowing her to release massive shockwaves to take out enemies. 

This plays out on the battlefield with skills like her Lightning Emission (which sends out chains of lightning from her body as she moves around the map), Maximum Power (which shoots out an Iron Man-like beam of electricity from her hands), and Electro Orb (which drops a shocking bomb on her foes). 

Because of all this, playing Bunny requires running around a location as fast as possible to build electric charge, before channeling that energy into some of her skills to deal massive amounts of damage. 

When putting together the best Bunny build, the biggest thing to focus on is reducing cooldown time, increasing movement speed, and upping potential damage output. 

This can be done through nine specific Descendant Modules. These equitable leveling mods adjust a player's stats, offering set bonuses depending on the item being used. 

Below is a list of the Modules to equip as one levels up their Bunny:

  • Strong Mentality - Reduces skill resource cost
  • Increased HP - Increases Max HP
  • Skill Cost Optimize - Reduces cost of skills
  • Electric Master - Increases Skill Power and Power of Electric skills
  • Electric Specialist - Increases power of Electric skills
  • Dual Claw - Increases Max Module Capacity
  • Skill Expansion - Increases Skill Effect Range 
  • Nimble Fingers - Reduces Skill Cooldown
  • Increased DEF - Increases Defense

The First Descendant is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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