Brie Larson Hypes Up 1 MCU Star as ‘The Future’

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Brie Larson, Avengers

Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson offered one of her The Marvels co-stars some high praise, calling them "the future" of the MCU

After a brief cameo in last year's Ms. Marvel, Larson is set to for another big-screen Marvel Studios adventure alongside Iman Vellani and Teyonah Parris in The Marvels.

Having taken much of the spotlight in 2019's Captain Marvel, Larson's Avenger now will be a part of a team affair in the upcoming sequel. Carol Danvers will be playing the role of mentor this time around, as Vellani and Parris's Marvel characters have a "very fun time" becoming "fully-formed" superheroes. 

In the lead-up to The Marvels, it has been revealed that Larson has taken the 20-year-old Vellani under her wing, as the Oscar-nominated actress helps usher in the next generation of MCU heroes. 

Brie Larson Hypes Up Iman Vellani

Brie Larson, Ms Marvel

In a recent conversation with EW, The Marvels star Brie Larson hyped up her MCU co-star Iman Vellani. 

Larson told the outlet that the Ms. Marvel actress is "the future," noting that "he is the perfect Ms. Marvel" and "one of [her] favorite people on this earth:"

“Iman is the future. She is the perfect Ms. Marvel and the most incredible person and castmate. I’m so excited for her success and I’m so excited to see what she will do with her life because she can do anything she wants. She’s one of my favorite people on this earth.”

Larson said the comic book connection between her MCU character and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel was "a huge part of why [she] wanted to play Captain Marvel" in the first place:

“A huge part of why I wanted to play Captain Marvel was because of Ms. Marvel and what that meant, To see that character realized by such a brilliant human with so much potential is just a really exciting thing.”

And despite having been a part of the Marvel Studios machine since 2019, Larson joked that she has not had to give Vellani too much advice:

“I feel like the big joke is always that you’re being schooled by people younger than you. So I’m sure there are ways that I’ve been able to be of service to her, but also at the same time, she teaches me so much every single day. I’m just grateful for her friendship.”

The Brie Larson-Iman Vellani Connection

With months before The Marvels hits theater screens, it is already evident the genuine connection Brie Larson and Iman Vellani have.

While getting the Carol Danvers/Kamala Khan relationship right on-screen was going to be key for Marvel Studios, it looks as though they have lucked out and found two stars that are living out that friendship whether the cameras are rolling or not. 

And it's not just Larson and Vellani. The entire The Marvels cast has seemingly become the best of friends. 

Larson, Vellani, director Nia DaCosta and Monica Rambeau star Teyonah Parris all posed together at D23, getting into all sorts of shenanigans. The Marvels super squad have even been seen palling around with the likes of Harrison Ford

They all love each other and it shows. And when it comes to Iman Vellani particularly, after seeing the firecracker of a performance she gave in Ms. Marvel, it is easy to see exactly what Larson means by this "future" comment. 

After a recent delay, The Marvels is now set to hit theatres on November 10. 

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