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D23 not only serves as an exciting event where a lucky bunch of fans gets sneak peeks at Disney's latest blockbusters like The Marvels, but it is also a great place for Hollywood's best and brightest to bump shoulders and shake hands. 

For some veterans of celebrity life, events like these are old hat. Just something that comes with the territory of being a world-renowned actor for others, it is the exact opposite. One example of this is Ms. Marvel's Iman Vellani, who comes in as not only one of the MCU's newest stars, but as an actor who's still quite new to the industry as a whole.

The MCU super-fan turned Marvel superhero, just got to experience her first D23 since her Disney+ series shot her into superstardom, which meant she - along with her The Marvels costars - got to share in conversation with some of the biggest names in all of movies. 

But it was one meeting from the event between Vellani, Brie Larson, and Star Wars mainstay Harrison Ford that broke the internet.

Shaking Hands with Han Solo

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A photo taken at the D23 Fan Expo capturing The Marvels stars Iman Vellani and Brie Larson meeting Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, recently came online.

The pair of MCU actresses can be seen visibly freaking out in meeting Ford, while the Star Wars staple remains cool as a cucumber. 

Larson shared the photos on her personal Twitter account with the caption "and they were too stunned to speak." The two photos sparked many to reply with some poking fun at the pair for their reaction to the D23 meeting.

Brie Larson Iman Vellani Harrison Ford 2

@ImanVellaniEn pointed out Vellani's face throughout the whole exchange, tweeting "Imans face," while Twitter user @TheHeman9 noted, "Imagine the face she’ll make once she meets her hero RDJ one day."

@whitetigergrowl touched on Vellani being "a fan living the dream," calling the Ms. Marvel actress "a sweet and amazing soul:"

"This is simply the best picture I've ever seen. She's a fan living the dream and I couldn't be happier for her. She's a sweet and amazing soul!"

@estarguarstia said Vellani was "fan girling so much" throughout the event:

" She was fan girling so much i love her! love them all"

@tombness commented on Larson in the photos, saying that the Oscar award-winning actress can be seen "holding Iman together so she doesn't explode."

And @OFFTHATTABLE joked, "omg imagine meeting the marvels lucky guy" in relation to Harrison Ford.

A MCU and Star Wars Crossover

It has been noted before how much of a fan Iman Vellani is of more than just the MCU, and she wears that badge proudly on her sleeve. Despite now having appeared in her own MCU series and being headed toward joining Brie Larson in a Marvel Studios blockbuster, she has not lost the fandom twinkle in her eye just yet.

But what is surprising is just how worked up Larson seemed to be in meeting fellow actor Harrison Ford. One would think after this many years in the business, the sheen of meeting another celebrity would have worn off, but not for meeting Han Solo it hasn't. 

Either that, or Larson is playing along with the bit in support of her The Marvels costar. She knows how special all this is for her young MCU cohort and this could very well have been a case of getting excited simply because it makes the moment that much better for a young actress who is just getting her feet wet. 

It's an adorable moment that is now forever cemented in Marvel/Star Wars history and one that fans are sure to not soon forget. 

The Marvels hits theaters on July 28, 2023.

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