Is a Bob's Burgers Live-Action Movie Releasing In 2024? New Movie Speculation Explained

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Bob's Burgers wallpaper

After 14 seasons on TV and a full-length animated movie, rumors have fans believing that Bob's Burgers is moving toward a live-action retelling in 2024.

Is Bob's Burgers Getting a 2024 Live-Action Remake?

A viral campaign on Facebook led many fans to believe that Fox's hit animated series, Bob's Burger, will be reimagined as a live-action movie debuting in 2024.

The poster in question features Star Wars sequel trilogy star Adam Driver in the leading role of Bob Belcher, complete with his wavy hair and mustache seen in the animated series. Also listed on the poster is comedy legend Tina Fey, who would play the role of Bob's wife, Linda.

Bob's Burgers live-action poster

Included with the poster was a synopsis for the presumed live-action movie, teasing Driver and Fey's castings as Bob and Linda Belcher in a story featuring "a blend of laughter, heart, and burgers" made for "fans and newcomers alike."

Bob's Burgers creator Loren Bouchard shut down any hope for a live-action episode or movie, noting that the team would "wanna do that really carefully" at the 2022 WonderCon in San Francisco (per CinemaBlend):

"I love Rotoscope stuff from when I was a kid. I love 'Lord of The Rings' and 'American Pop' in particular. It would be absolutely bizarre to do it on 'Bob's.' It’s so fun to tweak it, break it slightly without breaking it all the way. You wanna do that really carefully. You want the fans to get a new thing that lights up a new part of their brain that doesn’t make them want to bring it back to the store and get their money back."

Bob's Burgers voice stars H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, and Larry Murphy then offered their fun responses to the idea of a live-action film, noting John Goodman, Rosie O'Donnell, and Tony Shalhoub as potential star candidates.

While there is no indication that a live-action Bob's Burgers movie will go into production anytime soon, fans have put forth ideas for how that endeavor could go over the last few years.

The Channel Changers YouTube channel posted a video in February 2023 imagining a live-action film featuring Nick Offerman as Bob Belcher and Molly Shannon as Linda Belcher, with other stars including Paul Dano, Aubrey Plaza, and Jonah Hill.

Currently, Bob's Burgers is in Season 14, which returns to Fox on Sunday, January 7, 2024 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. The show is also renewed for Season 15, and there are no official plans for a live-action remake.

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