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Black Widow Gets Listed on Video On Demand Service

Mulan and Black Widow with Disney+ Symbol
By Pierre Chanliau

Ever since Black Widow was first delayed by Disney in March from its initial May 1st release date to due to the ongoing pandemic, fans have been clamoring for it to release on Disney+ or other VOD services. While it is currently set to release in theaters November 6th, fans still wonder if Disney shouldn't just bite the bullet and release it digitally.

Disney has continued to insist that Black Widow will release theatrically and not release on Disney+ or any other VOD services before it does. However, Disney seems to feel differently about Mulan, as they announced it would release on Disney+ through the new Premium Service, in which subscribers can pay an additionally $30 to watch it on September 4th.

A recent poll shows that most fans, 87% of them to be precise, would be OK watching Black Widow for the first time at home instead of theaters. This makes Black Widow being listed on another VOD service interesting and potentially telling of what is to come.


Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic has shared that the video-on-demand service, Movies Anywhere, has Black Widow listed on their site.

Movies Anywhere Listing for Black Widow
Movies Anywhere listing for Black Widow

It should also be noted that Mulan is also on Movies Anywhere, which lists its current release date of September 4th, 2020.

Movies Anywhere listing for Mulan
Movies Anywhere listing for Mulan


As Conrad speculates in his article, it's possible that this is an automated posting by the service and not indicative that Disney plans on releasing it through this service. Since the movie would have released digitally around this time anyway after it's intended May release. But, if that were the case, it's interesting to note that the date of release is listed as November 6th, 2020 and not May 1st.

So, if this was an automated listing for both Black Widow and Mulan, it's odd that both movies have the latest release dates listed instead of the old ones if they aren't planning to launch them on this service. But, this could very well be a mistake similar to how New Mutants was said to be available on VOD services before its release in theaters.

This could mean that Disney is gearing up to release Black Widow on VOD services like they're already doing with Mulan on their new Disney+ Premium Service, or it could just be another misunderstanding on the part of Movies Anywhere.

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