Black Panther 2 Reportedly Reshooting Scenes Two Months Before Release

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Black Panther, Wakanda Forever

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been through a lot as a production. From the tragic loss of an iconic legend in Chadwick Boseman to the controversial behavior of one of its leading stars and plenty of delays—it's been a wild ride.

Yet, despite all of that, the project’s first trailer truly wowed the world. It seems like audiences are going to have one hell of an experience waiting for them when November hits.

Despite the rapidly approaching release date, Wakanda Forever still isn't done with its filming. As recently as last July, the cast and crew were hard at work on some reshoots for the project.

Now, it seems that the movie is coming back yet again for another round of brief reshoots.

Black Panther Heading Back for Reshoots

Black Panther Wakanda Forever Cast Characters

The Cosmic Circus has reported that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever isn't done with its production just yet. According to the outlet, the project will be conducting reshoots from September 7 through September 14 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The catch? Its release, on November 11, is only two months away. It's been quite the long road for Wakanda Forever—hopefully, it'll still be able to stick the landing.

The project began production all the way back on June 29, 2021, after facing several delays due to Chadwick Boseman's tragic passing and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Then, in November of that same year, Letitia Wright got into an accident that halted production until January 2022. That's not even mentioning the controversy surrounding Wright's public comments regarding vaccines, which riled up people across the internet, and potentially even got in the way of her returning to filming (though she ultimately was able to).

Finally, towards the end of March 2022, the project wrapped filming after some time in Puerto Rico. Though, with it being a Marvel Studios project, it, of course, had its fair share of reshoots, the bulk of which occurred around the same time as San Diego Comic-Con.

Only Two Months to Go... Is That Bad?

With Black Panther: Wakanda Forever having already shot some reshoots, does coming back to another location mean anything?

It could mean nothing. Maybe they just need some small inserts or extra coverage—after all, they’re only in Atlanta for a few days. That short span of time certainly isn’t enough to do anything extensive.

But it could also be Marvel Studios going back to do a post-credits stinger. They’ve previously noted that those tend to come later in the process, so right around this time would make sense.

If that is the case, what might they be adding? Well, the common train of thought is something to do with Doctor Doom and his fictional country of Latveria. After all, bringing him in with Wakanda Forever would be a unique way of introducing the character without making him the villain of yet another Fantastic Four reboot.

Whatever the reshoots are doing, hopefully, they help make Black Panther: Wakanda Forever an experience to remember when it comes out on November 11.

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