Black Adam’s Next Trailer Gets Imminent Release Date

By Savannah Sanders Updated:
Black Adam Dwayne Johnson

Amidst the confusion, slate changes, and speculation swirling around the future of the DCU, one film that has stayed the course is Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson.

Throughout the film's marketing campaign, Johnson's go-to line has been "the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change." 

Even though the merger of Warner Bros. Discovery has fans questioning the sustainability of that promise, Johnson is sticking to his script and confidence in the film. 

And now, as the film's release date approaches, the Teth-Adam actor has something else to say, and it has to do with when audiences will get their next look at this upcoming DC film. 

New Black Adam Trailer On the Way

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posted on Twitter that Black Adam's next trailer is set to drop sometime this week. 

Johnson's tweet was in response to a social media post of the film's titular star surprising fans at a test screening and confirming the next trailer's upcoming release.

According to Fandango's Erik Davis and Black Adam producer, Beau Flynn, the new footage is most likely to arrive on September 8 during Thursday night football. 

The Hero That DC Fans Need 

Since Black Adam is slated for an October 21 release, it's time for the film's marketing to kick it in gear; and this new trailer is likely the start. 

The fact that Dwayne Johnson appeared at a test screening to announce the trailer is interesting as it's an apparent show of confidence and likely warranted. 

In Erik Davis' tweet concerning the trailer's release date, he noted that while he hasn't seen the film himself, what he has heard has been positive. 

After the recent drama with Warner Bros. Discovery, HBO Max, and the uncertain future of the DCU, DC fans need a win. 

Black Adam may be an anti-hero, but if this upcoming trailer supports the expectations for this film, perhaps Black Adam will, in fact, be a hero in the eyes of fans of the blue brand. 

Black Adam arrives in theaters on October 21. 


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