Black Adam: Leaked Set Photos Reveal Dwayne Johnson's Costume & Hawkman Gear

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Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson, Hawkman

2021 was rather light on DC Comics content; in fact, only James Gunn's The Suicide Squad showed up to the plate. The film was a critical success but could have done better at the box office—though the pandemic is to blame for that. 

2022, however, is a whole new adventure. Right out of the gate, Peacemaker drops on HBO Max continuing the story of John Cena's character from Gunn's previous film. Then the likes of The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be taking over theaters.

One of the biggest events for DC Comics next year is the premiere of a film that has been over a decade in the making: Black Adam. Dwayne Johnson's passion project has been in gestation for quite a long time and was finally able to commence production this past summer.

The first real look at the film is likely to come during this year's DC FanDome, but fans don't have to wait that long for a glimpse into the new outing.

New Looks at Black Adam and Hawkman

Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson, Hawkman

Thanks to some leaked photos from Twitter user @GeekLawGrad, fans now have their first look at some of the costumes in Black Adam, including possibly an alien spacecraft.

The first photo shows a spacecraft, which may be a Thanagarian ship. For those who don't know, that is the race of hawk-like beings, like Hawkman, with Thanagar being their homeworld.

The second set of images gives a look at Hawkman's gear.

First is the helmet, where various forms can be seen, each likely for however it's needed onset at the time; such as a stunt version, a VFX version, the best looking version, etc. Those wings look mighty long.

Also glimpsed are what seems to be Hawkman's chest plate—though most of the detail is obscured.

The final photo shows off one of the visual highlights of the film: Black Adam's suit, to be worn by no other than Dwayne Johnson. There is no cape in sight, but that's likely either on a separate rack, or added in with VFX.

Black Adam's Suit and Hawkman's Helmet Revealed

It's like Christmas for Black Adam fans. The only photos of Dwayne Johnson's suit are in concept art or mostly obstructed within set photos. As for how the suit looks, well, it looks exactly how one would expect it to—it's hard to imagine how anyone could be disappointed by it.

Even the Hawkman outfit looks accurate, though it is worth noting once again how big those wings on the helmet are. What's really interesting is that the spaceship looks like it could be from Thanagar. Is this the ship that Hawkman uses to travel through the galaxy, or will fans be seeing flashbacks to Hawkman's homeworld?

It is important to remember that with these photos being leaked from the set, they don't quite do justice to what will come to the big screen. There's a reason studios prefer the first looks at these things to be on their watch; it's all going to look even better when they are in the finished film.

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