Belgravia Season 3: Will More Episodes Ever Release?

By Jennifer McDonough Posted:
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With Belgravia: The Next Chapter wrapped up, viewers may wonder if Season 3 is happening.

In 2020, ITV broadcast Belgravia, a show based on the novel written by Julian Fellowes. The series starred a large cast that included Tom Wilkinson and Alice Eve and was set during the famed Regency era in British history.

Belgravia consisted of six episodes, and its sequel series premiered on MGM+ in January 2024. Set 30 years after the original series, Belgravia: The Next Chapter aired its last episode on Sunday, March 10, 2024 (read about the cast of Belgravia: The Next Chapter here).

Belgravia: The Next, Next Chapter?

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As of writing, neither MGM+ nor studio Carnival Films have confirmed Belgravia Season 3.

Additionally, those looking for more 19th-century British drama may want to search elsewhere for their fix. It seems likely that MGM+ would decline another season based on viewership data.

According to the information on Television Stats, Belgravia: The Next Chapter premiered as the #183 most popular series compared to all other shows, surely not the position the network was hoping for. The season ended with an even more dismal ranking of #424.

Compare that to the viewership score of another period piece series hosted by MGM+, SAS: Rogue Heroes, which was in the much more favorable 89th spot in overall popularity. Rogue Heroes has a confirmed second season on the way.

MGM+ probably isn’t in a hurry to green-light another iteration of Belgravia.

Will Belgravia Season 3 Happen?

While this franchise does have its fans, it failed to grab the attention of a wide audience and, being of a somewhat niche focus, didn’t capture the zeitgeist. 

For example, general audience members will likely have heard of another Regency-era drama, Netflix’s smash hit Bridgerton, but might not be as aware of Belgravia.

Furthermore, Belgravia: The Next Chapter was more or less a self-contained narrative, leaving not as much story space for a potential Season 3. 

Not to mention that a third season would likely feature an all-new cast of characters and actors, which might decrease audience engagement since fans often respond strongly to familiar faces.

It may be best to let sleeping dogs lie and leave Belgravia at two seasons and 14 episodes total. 

All eight episodes of Belgravia: The Next Chapter are streaming now on MGM+.

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