Full Cast of Belgravia Season 2: The Next Chapter - Every Main Actor & Character (Photos)

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Belgravia Season 2: The Next Chapter returns with a strong cast of actors led by Pennyworth star Harriet Slater. 

Season 2 of the eight-part MGM+ series chronicles the love story between the third Lord Trenchard (Ben Wainwright) and a newcomer in London, Clara Dunn (Harriet Slater), amid a complicated family history for the former. 

Belgravia Season 2: The Next Chapter premiered on MGM+ on January 14.

Every Main Cast Member of Belgravia Season 2: The Next Chapter

Harriet Slater - Clara Dunn/Clara Trenchard

Harriet Slater as Clara Dunn
Harriet Slater

Harriet Slater brings Clara Dunn/Clara Trenchard to life in Belgravia Season 2: The Next Chapter.

As a newcomer in Belgravia, Dunn is a tenacious young woman who is set to marry the third Lord Trenchard. However, secrets about the Trenchard family emerge, testing their relationship. 

Clara arrives from London, and her singing catches Frederick's attention during their first meeting. From there, romance starts to blossom.

Slater is best known for her portrayal of Sandra Onslow in Pennyworth. The actress also appeared in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny and All Creatures Great and Small

Ben Wainwright - Frederick Trenchard

Ben Wainwright as Frederick Trenchard
Ben Wainwright

Ben Wainwright plays Frederick Trenchard, the third Lord Trenchard who successfully builds a thriving business empire in Belgravia after his grandfather's death. 

His traumatic past threatens Frederick's feelings for Clara, and they must work together to overcome the odds. 

He is the son born from the affair of Susan (Alice Eve) and John Bellasis (Adam James) in Season 1. 

Wainwright's notable credits include playing Raphael in Gangs of London, Rory in The Split, and Randy in World of Fire.

Edward Bluemel - Dr. Stephen Ellerby

Edward Bluebell as Dr. Stephen Ellerby
Edward Bluemel

Dr. Stephen Ellerby (played by Edward Bluemel) is an enigmatic doctor who gains Clara's trust immediately after meeting. 

In Belgravia Season 2, Ellerby takes care of the son of the Duke of Rochester, Peter, who has epilepsy. He is also the one who is called to nurse Clara back to health after she fell down the stairs. 

Bluemel has credits in The Commuter, Persuasion, and Safe Word.

Toby Regbo - Reverend James Trenchard

Toby Regbo as James Trenchard
Toby Regbo

Toby Regbo's Reverend James Trenchard is Frederick's brother who becomes a priest. 

James and Frederick have been estranged and are no longer on speaking terms. Despite that, James leaves a wedding gift to Frederick, much to the surprise of his family.

In Episode 1, James tries his best to mend his relationship with his brother. 

Harry Potter fans may recognize Regbo for his role as a young Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. The actor also appeared in Mr. Nobody, Treasure Island, and One Day

Hannah Onslow - Emily Dunn

Hannah Onslow as Emily Dunn
Hannah Onslow

Hannah Onslow is part of the cast of The Next Chapter as Emily Dunn. 

Emily is Clara's older sister who is slightly jealous that she is getting married and she's not. She also protects Clara since she believes that Frederick will only hurt her. 

Desperate to find love, Emily suddenly gets attracted to Frederick's brother, James Trenchard. 

Onslow's notable credits include Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Ridley Road, The Doll Factory, and Empire of Light

Sophie Thompson - Mrs. Dunn

Sophie Thompson as Mrs. Dunn
Sophie Thompson

Sophie Thompson is Clara and Emily's loving mother who is happy about her younger daughter's marriage with Frederick Trenchard. 

Mrs. Dunn is quite pushy with Clara since she wants to take advantage of the wealth of her new husband. During her first conversation with Frederick, Mrs. Dunn is also embarrassingly chatty. 

Thompson is known for her roles in Gosford Park, Emma, Eat Pray Love, and Four Weddings and a Funeral

Richard Goulding - Oliver Trenchard

Richard Goulding as Oliver Trenchard
Richard Goulding

Oliver Trenchard is Frederick's father figure who raised him as his own despite knowing his true history. The character is played on-screen by Richard Goulding. 

It is not smooth sailing for Frederick's childhood, though, since Episode 1's flashbacks reveal that Oliver belittled and bullied the poor boy throughout his life.

Goulding has over 25 credits, with notable roles in Me Before You, Wicked Little Letters, and The Windsors.

Claude Perron - Marquise D’Étagnac

Claude Perron as Marquise D'Etagnac
Claude Perron

Claude Perron joins the cast of Season 2 as Marquise D’Étagnac.

Marquise D’Étagnac is a wealthy businesswoman from France who arrives in Belgravia to introduce many business opportunities to Frederick Trenchard. 

In Episode 1, it is the conversation between Frederick and Marquise that serves as the instigator of the fight between him and Clara. Frederick humiliates Clara in front of the party guests, leading to her walking out.

Perron is best known for her roles in Big Bug, Bernie, and Workingirls.

Sophie Winkleman - Duchess of Rochester

Sophie Winkleman as Duchess of Rochester
Sophie Winkleman

Playing the Duchess of Rochester in Belgravia Season 2: The Next Chapter is Sophie Winkleman. 

The Duchess of Rochester is worried that the secret about her son and her epilepsy will be revealed to the public, so she will do whatever it takes to protect him from outside forces. 

She is also responsible for introducing Clara to Frederick. 

Winkleman recently appeared as The Countess in Timothee Chalamet's Wonka. The actress has credits in Peep Show, Suzie Gold, and Sanditon.

Elaine Cassidy - Davison

Elaine Cassidy as Davison
Elaine Cassidy

Elaine Cassidy plays Davison, Clara's lady maid who is her best friend and protector amid her struggles.

Episode 1 hints at a previous connection between Davison and the Trenchard family's valet Mr. Fletcher. It remains to be seen if this dark mysterious connection will set up a potential betrayal.

Cassidy has credits in Disco Pigs, Felicia's Journey, and The Wonder.

Alice Eve - Susan Trenchard

Alice Eve as Susan Trenchard
Alice Eve

Alice Eve reprises her role as Susan Trenchard in Belgravia Season 2: The Next Chapter. 

While Susan is Oliver's wife, her affair with John Bellasis leads to the birth of Frederick Trenchard. 

Susan appears in flashbacks that chronicle Frederick's troubled childhood. 

Marvel fans may recognize Eve for her role as Mary Walker in Iron Fist. The actress also appeared in She's Out of My League, Men in Black 3, and Star Trek Into Darkness.

Gerard Horan - Enright

Gerard Horan as Enright
Gerard Horan

Gerard Horan plays the Trenchard family's loyal butler, Enright. He knows the family's history, even its darkest secrets. 

Enright learns in Episode 1 that James dropped off a gift for Frederick for his wedding. He seems to be not amused by this since he believes it is enough to fix their broken brotherhood. 

Horan appeared in Beauty and the Beast, Frankenstein, and The Singing Detective.

Liam Garrigan - Mr. Fletcher

Liam Garrigan as Mr. Fletcher
Liam Garrigan

Mr. Fletcher is the Trenchard family's valet. Liam Garrigan plays the character. 

The character has a dark past with Mr. Davison that he is trying to hide throughout Episode 1, and it seems that it's only a matter of time before it gets revealed. 

Garrigan is known for his roles in Transformers: The Last Knight, The Legend of Hercules, and Cherry.

Belgravia Season 2: The Next Chapter is now streaming on MGM+.

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