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Batwoman Season 2 Stars Share Video Signaling Start of Production

Javicia Leslie superimposed onto the Batwoman logo
By Jennifer McDonough

Batwoman , The CW's latest show in its DC Arrowverse (Or is it CWverse?) slate of programming, had production on their first season cut short due to COVID-19. Not only that, but last May saw the departure of series lead Ruby Rose from the role of Kate Kane/Batwoman.

Since then, Javicia Leslie has been cast as Ryan Wilder, who is intended to be Kate's replacement as Gotham's protector.

The series shoots primarily in Vancouver, which has recently seen TV and film production come back to life in a big way.


Today, the official Batwoman Twitter account posted the following video featuring series stars Nicole Kang and Camrus Johnson, signalingl that today is the first day of shooting for season two.


This is a fun little video that is also quite informative. With these coronavirus-fueled, uncertain times, it's nice for fans to know that some of their favorite series are resuming production after an extended hiatus of not being able to film anything new.

The video, which appears to start in a makeup trailer, quickly cuts to the two actors in costume and standing in the show's Batcave set.

Additionally, Johnson and Kang make note of the safety protocols in place on set, with Camrus mentioning that "people are wearing masks, everything's fine."

As of today, it appears that Batwoman is the first Arrowverse series to begin production for its upcoming television season. As for when companions shows such as The Flash, Supergirl, or the upcoming Superman & Lois will set up shop, it can't possibly be too much longer.