Ray Fisher Blasts ‘Offensive’ Justice League Report Claiming He Conspired With Zack Snyder

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Updated:
Ray Fisher as Cyborg, Zack Snyder

From the troubling allegations against Joss Whedon to its cast members calling out the infamous director, Warner Bros.' Justice League has been littered with behind-the-scenes controversy. Many see this DCEU movie as one of the most controversial films in recent memory. One notable cast member who spearheaded a social media campaign to call out Whedon and Warner Bros. as a whole is Cyborg actor Ray Fisher.

Fisher has been quite vocal about his criticism of Whedon and the top executives at Warner Bros. The actor also served as one of the more vocal supporters of the Snyder Cut movement, ultimately leading to the eventual release of Zack Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max in March 2021. 

Now, it seems that the online debacle has yet to stop as a series of controversial tweets from Fisher have emerged anew. 

Ray Fisher Reacts to 'Offensive' Report 

Ray Fisher, Warner Bros

Ray Fisher, who portrayed Cyborg in the two iterations of Warner Bros.' Justice League films, called out Rolling Stone and Senior Writer Tatiana Segel to "immediately" amend an article that they wrote. Fisher pointed out that he never declined to comment to the outlet about its story piece involving Zack Snyder:

"[Rolling Stone] and [Tatiana Segel] need to amend this article immediately! Neither myself, nor anyone on my team, EVER 'declined to comment to Rolling Stone.'"

The former DCEU actor also shared that Segel's reporting is "offensive, dangerous, and willfully evasive of fact:"

"Furthermore, this type of rumor-mill reporting is offensive, dangerous, and willfully evasive of fact. A>E"

For context, Rolling Stone's report recalled Fisher's allegations against then-Justice League director Joss Whedon over his "abusive" and "unprofessional" working environment and against DC CCO Geoff Johns and producer Jon Berg who "enabled" Zack Snyder. 

The report also revealed that "nearly all of the insiders" interviewed by the outlet believe that Fisher and Snyder "were working in tandem" to discredit Johns and Berg, thus resulting in the Snyder Cut movement being more prominent: 

"(Nearly all of the insiders interviewed by Rolling Stone say they believe Fisher and Snyder were working in tandem, based on Fisher’s tweets coming directly on the heels of Snyder’s behind-the-scenes demands. Snyder calls the allegation 'totally untrue'; Fisher declined comment to Rolling Stone.)"

Rolling Stone also spoke about Fisher calling out top executives, along with the external investigation that happened at Warner Bros. and how it concluded. The debacle between Snyder and DC Films president Walter Hamada was chronicled in the same report, with Fisher calling Hamada “the most dangerous kind of enabler" included in the recap. 

The reaction didn't stop there, as Fisher doubled down on the criticism of Segel, describing the reporter as "still butt hurt" after he called her out "on lies" in 2021: 

"Exclusive: Waning reporter [Tatiana Segel] fails to overshadow digital release of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ with contrived hit piece—Warner Bros. mourns. Sources say reporter still butt hurt after being called out on lies in 2021."

Ray Fisher

Update: Rolling Stone Editor-in-Chief Noah Shachtman shared one of the emails that they sent out to Fisher's representative: 

Rolling Stone

Fisher responded by pointing out that Shachtman "cropped out part of those emails" where Siegel switched deadlines on his team: 

"Nice try, but you cropped out the part of those emails where @TatianaSiegel27 switched deadlines on my team Trying to spin half-furnished emails into a “gotcha” will get you nowhere @NoahShachtman @RollingStone please rein in your employees. This is embarrassing and amateurish."

Rolling Stone

Here is the email that Fisher is referring to:

Ray Fisher

The Snyder Dilemma Continues in DC 

There has been so much back-and-forth on the topic of the infamous Justice League debacle, and this latest tirade from Ray Fisher definitely adds to the list. 

At this point, it is unknown how this issue will be resolved. Many thought that Warner Bros.' investigation of the matter would put an end to the issue, but Fisher's continued tirade suggests that it is far from over. The former DCEU actor calling out Rolling Stone's Tatiana Segel could be seen by some as going overboard or being unnecessary. 

Still, the "declined to comment" bit of the report could be fixed behind the scenes, with Fisher airing his side, leading to Rolling Stone adding more comments afterward. But, given what happened, Fisher's series of tweets created another complicated situation. 

While Warner Bros. appears to be slowly distancing itself from the issue, Fisher's tweets indicate that he's not going to let up, meaning that there's a strong chance that more bombshells will be unveiled sooner rather than later. 

Now that WarnerMedia's merger with Discovery has finished, it will be interesting to see if the new leadership will have something to say about this ongoing issue. 

Zack Snyder's Justice League is available on all major digital platforms starting today, July 19

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