Robert Pattinson's Batman: First Look at Arkham Asylum Gates Revealed Ahead of Sequel

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Ahead of The Batman - Part 2, fans got a first look at the Arkham Asylum gates within Robert Pattinson's Batman universe. 

Pattinson and director Matt Reeves are gearing up for another super-powered team-up with The Batman 2, as the pair build out their unique take on the world of DC's Caped Crusader. 

While the first film featured moments set within Gotham City's infamous prison for the criminally insane (and even more if one counts the deleted scenes from The Batman), the sequel could feature the iconic DC locale on an even grander scale. 

Reeves' Batman universe has put a particular focus on Arkham, making it a key plot point in The Batman while also being the setting for a spin-off TV series set within the universe

Take a Look at the Gates of Robert Pattinson's Arkham

Arkham Asylum gates
DC Comics

Thanks to a new comic cover, fans got a peek at Matt Reeves' version of the Ahrkam Asylum gates ahead of Robert Pattinson's Batman sequel. 

Revealed as a variant cover for The Batman tie-in comic, The Riddler: Year One #6 (via AIPTComics), this marks the first canon appearance of the Reeves/Pattinson-verse's take on the iconic Arkham gates. 

Riddler Arkham Asylum 1
DC Comics

The Riddler-centric story follows Paul Dano's take on the character, recounting the origins of his terrifying The Batman villain and what drove him to take on the criminally corrupt Gotham City elite. 

Riddler Arkham Asylum 2
DC Comics

The Asylum entrance looks similar to those that have appeared across Batman's storied history, with big gothic metal spires and the Arkham Asylum name emblazoned across its center. 

The Batman Arkham Asylum
Warner Bros.

While fans got brief glimpses inside Arkham Asylum during The Batman, the gates were never featured in the film. The Asylum sequences all took place within the prison's walls, including the infamous deleted scene between Pattinson's Batman and Barry Keoghan's Joker.

Joker The Batman
Warner Bros. 

How Will Arkham Asylum Play Into The Batman 2?

As Matt Reeves fills out his Batman world, it is exciting to get little glimpses of the director's version of Gotham City. But could all this be teasing an even bigger presence for Arkham coming in The Batman 2?

While several Batman films featured the Asylum, none have been strictly Arkham stories. This comes despite some of the Dark Knight's most famous comic book stories taking place 100% within the Asylum walls. 

It seems unlikely Warner Bros. would go for an exclusively Arkham-based movie for Robert Pattinson's second outing as the Caped Crusader. Perhaps the prison for the criminally insane could be an even more prominent part of the upcoming sequel. 

Given Pattinson's Batman will reportedly be going up against the villainous Clayface in The Batman 2, it could be cool for Reeves to build upon the deleted Arkham scene from The Batman, with the titular hero consulting with Barry Keoghan's Joker as he tries to take down the big bad. 

This would be a unique spin on the Batman/Joker relationship, having the two almost working as cohorts before eventually setting the Clown Prince of Crime free toward the end of the film. This could set him up as the primary antagonist in a potential The Batman 3

The Batman - Part 2 is set to hit theaters on October 3, 2025. 

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