Batman Beyond Live-Action Movie Reportedly in Active Development

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Batman Beyond comic book version in front of a moon and two animated Batman Beyond iterations.

Batman Beyond was an animated television series that aired between January 1999 and December 2001 on the WB network. Set in 2039, the show followed teenager Terry McGinnis, who discovers that the reclusive billionaire Bruce Wayne was the Batman, and eventually assumes the mantle of the Dark Knight to fight crime in the futuristic Gotham City.

The animated series was incredibly popular, winning two Daytime Emmy Awards and inspiring many Batman Beyond comic book runs. The recent report that Michael Keaton is circling a return to Batman for The Flash reignited calls for a live-action adaptation of Batman Beyond, and Warner Brothers may finally be giving in.


According to contributing insider Daniel Richtman, a live-action Batman Beyond movie is rumored to be in active development at Warner Bros. No other details about a timeframe, casting, or possible story directions were given.


Looks like Warner Brothers is headed to the future. Fans of the animated television series have long been yearning for a live-action adaptation, and with WB investing in more stand-alone features set outside of the DCEU, it seems now is the perfect time to introduce yet another version of Batman.

This isn't the first Warner has tried to make a Batman Beyond film, though. In 2000, it was announced that a live-action Batman Beyond film was in development with the creators of the show on board. A script was submitted in 2001, and the creative team was apparently eyeing Clint Eastwood for Bruce Wayne, but the story's direction was deemed too dark and too much of a risk for WB to greenlight at the time.

Given the recent news of Michael Keaton's possible Bruce Wayne return for The Flash, with the option open for him to appear in other DC films as well, Warner Brothers is most likely gearing up for Keaton to lend his talents to the rumored Beyond film. If that's the case, Warner's upcoming virtual DC FanDome event will probably reveal all the plans they have in store for the future of the Dark Knight.

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