Baki Hanma Season 3: Will More Episodes Ever Release?

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Baki Hanma

Audiences have been waiting for news regarding the release of Baki Hanma Season 3. 

The latest anime adaptation of the iconic hyper-violent Baki the Grappler manga first arrived on Netflix in September 2021. It tells the story of hand-to-hand combat master Baki as he trains to become the best fighter the world has ever seen. 

Following a successful first run on the streamer, Season 2 was greenlit for the service. The second season was split into two halves and arrived on Netflix in July and August 2023. 

Will Baki Hanma Season 3 Ever Happen?

Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma

After nearly a year since Baki Hanma Season 2 was released, many fans remain in the dark about a potential Season 3. 

For those unaware, a third season of the hit Netflix anime is not happening. 

Seasons 1 and 2 covered the Baki Hanma part of the Baki the Grappler manga story. If the series were to return in any way, it would do so by tackling another entry in the long-running literary adventure. 

A follow-up in this form has been announced, though, so while it is not a proper Baki Hanma Season 3, fans can pick up where the story last left off. 

Baki Dou, the next chapter in the Baki the Grappler saga, was announced to be getting an anime adaptation on the night of a special screening event for Baki Hanma Season 2 in Japan in March 2024 (per the anime's Japanese website). 

According to the series' official announcement, it will follow the iconic fictional martial artist as he faces off against an ancient swordsman known as Miyamoto Musashi, who is resurrected after being dead for hundreds of years:

"After the 'Strongest Father-son Fight on Earth' comes to an end, Baki and other veteran fighters are hit by unbearable boredom. Meanwhile, 364 meters underground in Tokyo Skytree, a plan is being made to bring the famous swordsman 'Miyamoto Musashi' back to life in the present day... The fierce battle between Baki and Miyamoto Musashi, who is resurrected through cloning technology and necromancy, is finally coming to life as an animation!"

TMS Entertainment, known for its work on Baki and Baki Hanma, will once again oversee the animation for Baki Duo

A trailer for the sequel series was released alongside the announcement, teasing what will come from the upcoming anime. 

See the full Baki Duo trailer below:

When Will the Next Baki Series Be Released?

With no Season 3 of the Baki Hanma anime on the way, all fans have to look forward to is the release of Baki Duo (which is essentially a pseudo-Season 3 of Hanma). 

No specific release timing for Baki Duo has been made public, but audiences should not expect to wait too long for the iron-fisted franchise to make its return. 

Seeing as the series is being handled yet again by TMS Entertainment, it will likely share a similar production pipeline as the studios' last few entries in the Baki universe. 

Baki Hanma Season 1 was released on September 30, 2021. Season 2 then followed less than two years later in July and August 2023. 

If Baki Duo follows a similar release schedule, fans can likely expect it to debut in Summer or Fall 2025. 

Should that wait be too long for audiences, the Baki the Grappler universe recently crossed over with another popular martial arts anime, Kengan Ashura. 

The epic full-length movie Baki Hanma vs. Kengan Ashura, which is streaming now on Netflix, focused on these two heavy-weight anime franchises (read more about the crossover film here). 

Baki Hanma is streaming now on Netflix. 

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