James Gunn Throws Shade at Avengers: Infinity War's Star-Lord Decision

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James Gunn Avengers Infinity War

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 director James Gunn just threw shade at a choice made for the big MCU event film, Avengers: Infinity War.

For the most part, ever since the Guardians were introduced in the original 2014 movie, the characters have been under Gunn's control and influence. However, every now and then, they get to venture outside of his watchful eye.

Most recently, the group briefly appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder. Before that, they took part in both Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

It turns out that while Gunn may have been involved in some conversations, he might not have agreed with every creative decision.

James Gunn Throws Some Shade


On Twitter, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 writer-director James Gunn threw some shade at a specific decision made in Avengers: Infinity War when it came to Star-Lord/Peter Quill's iconic helmet.

When asked where it was in Vol. 3, the director noted how it is "in his desk drawer in Knowhere," and that Chris Pratt's MCU hero never grabbed it in his speedy exit at the beginning of the movie:

"It’s in his desk drawer in Knowhere. He had to get out of there fast as you know! (And as for the next question people ask - the rockets that clip onto his boots are far inferior to the jet packs Rocket has made them so they’re not around at all anymore)."

Another user was quick to point out that his helmet actually shattered in Vol. 2 while Peter Quill was fighting Ego. The director confirmed it did break, but then pointedly called out Avengers: Infinity War's potential continuity error in "somehow" bringing back the iconic helmet:

"It did but then he somehow had a new one in 'IW.'"

The Matter of Peter Quill's Helmet

While fans might not have realized it at first, Chris Pratt's Star-Lord never actually wears his helmet at any point in Vol. 3.

Given how iconic the look is, some were probably hoping for an updated peak at the character's famed headwear.

It's hard to see why Gunn would be annoyed at Infinity War giving Peter Quill a new helmet. It makes perfect sense that the character would have made another in the four-year time gap.

Not to mention that Quill nearly died since his original one broke in Vol. 2. So, even just for utility sakes, acquiring a new one would likely be at the top of his priorities. He certainly could've used one at the end of Vol. 3.

Gunn's reasoning behind its absence is also a little flimsy. Sure, Quill was in a rush when he left Knowhere, but he had plenty of time to grab the essentials—and matching team suits.

Thankfully, helmet or no helmet, Vol. 3 is a terrific film that is being praised by both fans and critics alike. Hopefully, whenever the character pops up next, he'll get the opportunity to rock new head garb. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is playing in theaters worldwide.

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