Avengers: Endgame's Russo Bros Say Unreleased Deleted Scenes Could Show Up Eventually

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in an absolutely fantastic place as it looks ahead to the future thanks to over two dozen new projects planned out over the next few years. Much of what's coming was made possible by the events of the MCU's biggest movie to date: 2019's Avengers: Endgame.

The massive crossover movie directly set the stage for more than a handful of Phase 4 entries, and the movie's plot is already proving to have an impact on Phase 4 early into WandaVision on Disney+. However, for everything Avengers: Endgame opened the door for after it released in 2019, behind-the-scenes circumstances made it impossible for some threads to be included.

While it's still unclear what those threads were specifically, the men behind the magic teased some potentially major additions that could have made their way into the story.


In a recent chat with the Lights Camera Barstool Podcast, via The Playlist, MCU directors Joe and Anthony Russo were asked to pick a moment that they wished they could have included in 2019's Avengers: Endgame, but didn't get the chance to do so.

While they didn't mention anything specifically, the brothers played coy with their answer and described how "there's still a chance [the scene] might show up one day.":

"It’s a hard question for us to answer because, the stuff that we love most and most passionate about...There’s still a chance it might show up one day. It’s hard to start talking publicly about it."


The Russo Brothers have given some incredible teases regarding what would make them come back to the MCU in the past. However, this one in particular seems to indicate that their potential inclusion in Endgame would have been something that's actually on the way after the new additions to Phase 4, Fox characters included.

In the very same interview, the directors spoke on how much they loved the Wolverine character, while at the same time saying that the world may need a break from him after Hugh Jackman's performance in the Fox X-Men movies. With the X-Men coming to the MCU in the near future, as well as the Fantastic Four, it's interesting to think how teases for those heroes could have been laid out in Avengers: Endgame among such a huge story.

There is also plenty of Multiverse on the way, largely thanks to the TIme Heist, which opened the door for dozens of new stories and heroes to find their way into the MCU. While it seems unlikely that the Russo Brothers will return to the MCU right now, their legacy will be felt for years to come.

Hopefully, the duo will reveal this answer to fans someday when the time is right.

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