Avatar 2: Did Controversial Rapper Lil Mosey Actually Get a Cameo?

By Klein Felt Posted:
Avatar 2 Lil Mosey

After memes popped up online thinking controversial rapper Lil Mosey was in James Cameron's Avatar: The Way of Water, fans answered the question once and for all. 

Avatar 2 is inescapable at this point. The sequel to the biggest movie ever made is well on its way to setting box office records of its own, just recently crossing the billion-dollar mark globally

The long-gestating sequel comes with an even more expansive cast than its predecessor, as the Sully clan joined forces with the water tribes of Pandora (aka the Metkayina).

However, Cameron's latest ensemble came with a massive question mark, one that has caught fire online. 

Was Lil Mosey in Avatar 2?

Memes have made their way online, seemingly revealing that controversial rapper Lil Mosey had a small part in Avatar: The Way of Water

A large contingent of moviegoers swore the musician was in the film playing Rotxo, one of the sons of Kate Winslet's Ronal and Cliff Curtis' Tonowari. 

Avatar 2 Rotxo
20th Century Pictures

A lot of these memes seem to be in jest, with fans joking that the Na'vi teen looks like Mosey because of his distinct curly haircut.

Lil Mosey

Even the rapper himself got in on the action, recently joking on TikTok that “I was tryna keep my acting on the low but y’all got me”

However, when looking at the credits or cast listing for the sci-fi sequel, one can see that Lil Mosey had nothing to do with Avatar 2, and Rotxo was played by New Zealand-Maori actor, Duane Wichman-Evans. 

Lil Mosey (aka Lathan Moses Stanley Echols) has been seeped in controversy as of late because of a second-degree rape charge levied against him in April 2021 (with a trial start set in February). So, if the rapper had appeared in the Avatar sequel, one would expect it to have made headlines even more than the speculation did. 

No Lil Mosey in James Cameron Sequel

It is funny to see a fan theory like this stake off the way it did. One of the biggest online search trends alongside Avatar 2 has been fans looking to see if that was actually Lil Mosey. 

However - as mentioned above - all one had to do to disprove this theory would be to look at the film's credits. For someone who did not know who actually played Rotxo though, it could be pretty convincing.

Sure, these memes may have started as jokes, with Mosey himself poking fun at it as well. But for someone who may not be privy to the humor, there is enough of a visual similarity between the character and 20-year-old rapper that he could pass for the Na'vi. 

But, to what will be the disappointment of some fans, it was not him. And that is probably for the better, as Mosey is set to face trial in February for his rape charge from two years ago. 

Avatar: The Way of Water is now in theaters worldwide. 

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