Avatar 2 Had a Naughty Easter Egg We All Missed (Photos)

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Avatar 2 Neytiri

One naughty Easter egg from Avatar: The Way of Water alluded audiences for months but after the film's digital release, some eagle-eyed fans have seemingly spotted it. 

James Cameron's latest sci-fi epic was a feast for the eyes, to say the least. 

The film is widely considered an immersive VFX masterclass and has become one of the biggest box office hits of all time because of it. 

But with moviegoers able to watch the film at home now, there is even more chance to pour over every distinct visual detail in the Pandoran epic. 

A Naughty Avatar 2 Easter Egg

Twitter user Avatar Guy spotted a naughty Easter egg hidden in Avatar: The Way of Water


On one of the RDA's submarines during one of the film's many underwater sequences, a pinup of a female Na'vi can be seen on the nose of the vessel. 

The image sees the woman straddling a weapon of some sort in front of a target shape.


The Na'vi woman is a clear reference to the real-life practice of applying pinup artwork to the fuselage of a military aircraft, something that began in 1913 during World War I.

This is not the first Disney property to feature such a reference, with a Republic Dropship in Star Wars: The Clone Wars sporting a similar homage, albeit much tamer than the one depicted in Avatar 2. 


Getting NSFW With Avatar 2

While the Avatar franchise has never been one to shy away from the world of the NSFW (with many of the characters being largely unclothed for much of the movie), this is a little bit different and brings up a few interesting questions.

Nose art was originally an effort to help soldiers remind themselves of home, evoking memories of what they can look forward to getting back to at the end of their tour. So, it might be a little odd to some to see that same practice used featuring a Na'vi. 

Of course, nose Art has sort of become a medium and artistic style over the years, going on to feature a lot more than just beautiful women, but this particular instance is a little bizarre. 

It makes sense as set dressing in-universe, but why would a provocative Na'vi woman evoke memories for these human soldiers? 

This was likely just a fun way to spruce up some of these RDA ships.

Avatar: The Way of Water is available to purchase digitally now with a Disney+ release expected sometime this year

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