The CW Casts New Lex Luthor for Arrowverse Spin-off

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After months of searching, it looks as though The CW's Superman & Lois has cast its Lex Luthor

The CW's look at the Kent family has had two successful seasons so far, showcasing an older Clark and Lois along with their two boys Jon and Jordan

In the two years since the series debut, the Kent clan has gone up against plenty of worthy adversaries. Amongst these have included the likes of Atom Man (who looks to be back for Season 3) and the Eradicator.

But one big name amongst the Superman canon has eluded the super-powered series, something which is being remedied for the incoming Season 3. 

Bringing Lex Luthor to Superman & Lois


The Walking Dead actor Micheal Cudlitz has reportedly been cast as Lex Luthor in the CW drama, Superman & Lois

Revealed by EW, Cudlitz's character is known as "the visionary billionaire behind LexCorp" who dabbles in "the criminal underworld."

Lex will make himself known in the upcoming third season of Superman & Lois, coming after the titular duo who have - at least in his eyes - enacted some sort of personal injustice against him. 

Cudlitz shared his excitement about the announcement from his personal Twitter account, writing that he "cannot wait to join [the] amazing cast."

This all comes after a month's-long search for someone to play the character, after the CW's former Lex, John Cryer, took a step back from the role

What Will Michael Cudlitz Bring to Lex Luthor? 

When it comes to characters as prolific as Lex Luthor, it can be hard to distinguish oneself from the crowd. 

At this point, Lex has been played by everyone, from Gene Hackman (Superman II and IV) to Jessie Eisenberg (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League). But Cudlitz could bring something to the role that has nary been a part of any live-action iteration of the character thus far. That is a physically imposing presence along with an intellectually imposing one. 

Cudlitz brings a brooding Kingpin-esque 'built like a brick house' energy to the role. So along with being the smartest man in the room, he could likely be the strongest one as well. 

While most takes on Lex Luthor see the villain using his smarts to take on the Man of Steel, Superman & Lois' could potentially see the villain have - at least on the surface - a physical presence akin to Superman despite the lack of superhuman strength. 

It will be fascinating to see just what the Southlands and Walking Dead actor does with one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time and how he makes a villain with so much history his own. 

Superman & Lois is set to return with Season 3 on Thursday, February 23. 

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