Amber Heard Looks Devastated In New Aquaman 2 Trailer (Photos)

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Amber Heard as Mera Aquaman poster background

Footage of Amber Heard's Mera in a new Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer suggests tragedy awaits in the upcoming DCU sequel.

Set to release December 22, Jason Momoa's Aquaman 2 reunites much of the 2018 movie's man cast, including King Orm's Patrick Wilson, Atlanna's Nicole Kidman, and Mera, Arthur Curry's wife, played by Amber Heard. 

Marketing for Aquaman 2 has only shown the briefest glimpses of Amber Heard's heroine, which many attribute to the controversy surrounding the defamation case between her and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. 

However, the sequel's latest trailer just showed more of the actress and in a way that hints at what the film has in store. 

Aquaman 2 Trailer Shows Emotional Amber Heard

A new promo for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom featured a rapid-fire series of shots that has fans questioning whether everyone in the cast will survive the sequel. 

After Black Manta, played Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, says "I'm gonna kill Aquaman" and "destroy everything he holds dear," the trailer shows a quick but serious shot of Aquaman, bending over someone who's lying on the ground. 

Jason Momoa's Aquaman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
Warner Bros.

This is followed by a powerful shot of Mera screaming as she reacts to whatever has taken place. 

Amber Heard's Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
Warner Bros.

Marketing for Aquaman 2 has already shown Arthur Curry fully embracing family life and his role as a father to his newborn son. 

Aquaman's son in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
Warner Bros.

Therefore, it looks like like Black Manta is targeting Aquaman's family.

But in light of Mera's particularly devastating response, some are speculating if Temuera Morrison's Thomas Curry - or Aquaman and Mera's son - will be killed or kidnapped in the upcoming film. 

The full promo can be watched below, with Heard briefly appearing at the :06 mark:

Who Won't Survive Aquaman 2?

While this Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom footage suggests both Thomas Curry and Aquaman's son are Black Manta's targets, killing the latter seems extreme for this movie and its tone. 

If anyone in Aquaman's family were to die, then Thomas Curry appears to be the safe bet and will likely contribute to the sequel's narrative of Aquaman now being a father himself and teaming up with his brother, King Orm. 

Still, that doesn't rule out the possibility that Arthur and Mera's son could be in danger; and if Thomas Curry is destined to die in the sequel, it's likely in an attempt to save the baby from Black Manta. 

If so, this would also explain Mera's distress as well as earlier footage of Heard appearing extremely angry as she attempts to break through a pane of glass. 

Fans should expect to see and hear more about what awaits in Aquaman 2 soon.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom arrives in theaters on Friday, December 22.

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