Ant-Man 3: First Footage of David Dastmalchian’s Recast Character Revealed

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Ant-Man 3 David Dastmalchian

With mere weeks before Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania debuts in theaters, fans have gotten their first official look at David Dastmalchian's recast character in the MCU

After rumors that David Dastmalchian would not be back for the upcoming threequel, it was recently revealed that the Suicide Squad actor would return, albeit this time in a wholly new role

Dastmalchian - who played Team Ant-Man member Kurt in the first two films - joins an exclusive club within Quantumania of 14 actors to have played two different MCU characters.

But who exactly could the actor be playing? And how will he play into this adventure across the Microverse?

David Dastmalchian's New MCU Character

A new TV spot for Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania revealed what exactly David Dastmalchian's recast MCU character is going to look like. 

After having played Kurt in the last two Ant-Man films, Dastmalchian will play a new character in the upcoming threequel known as Veb. 

Veb 1
Marvel Studios

The character looks to be some sort of red-helmeted figure, with a goo-like body beneath the glass.

Veb 2
Marvel Studios

While Veb has never been seen before in the MCU, some are comparing his head-in-a-jar look to Scott Lang's appearance in the What If...? zombies episode. 

What If Ant-Man
Marvel Studios

After it was revealed Dastmalchian would be appearing in the threequel, some questioned if it would be as a completely new character. But when comparing Kurt to Veb, it becomes abundantly clear these are two different characters. 

Kurt Ant-Man
Marvel Studios

Other footage from the TV spot includes another look at Paul Rudd's hero running alongside his daughter Cassie (played by Kathryn Newton).

Ant-Man 3
Marvel Studios

Audiences can also get a closer look at Evangeline Lilly's bright yellow Wasp suit. 

Ant-Man 2
Marvel Studios

And one sequence sees Scott Lang falling through what looks to be some sort of Multiverasal pane of glass. 

Ant-Man 1
Marvel Studios

Who Is Ant-Man 3's Veb?

While fans have finally gotten a good look at David Dastmalchian's Veb, it still remains unclear who exactly the mysterious Marvel character is. 

The character is an original creation for the MCU, having never made a Marvel Comics appearance. Being played by Dastmalchian, fans can likely expect the character to be leaned on as comic relief, just like Kurt was in the first two films. 

Taking a look at him, it would not be all that surprising if Veb were to be associated with William Jackson Harper's freedom fighter squadron.

Perhaps just like Dastmalchian's Kurt helped Team Ant-Man before, the actor's Quantum Realm character will serve the same purpose in Quantumania. Except this time instead of performing the heist of a lifetime, he is helping bring down a Multiversal oppressor in Kang the Conqueror

Maybe Dastmalchian is just the first former Team Ant-Man actor to return. Micheal Peña - who also appeared in the two previous Ant-Man movies - did dodge questions about appearing in Ant-Man 3, so Scott Lang's whole crew could have potentially been recast into new roles. 

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania hits theaters on Friday, February 17. 

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February 17, 2023
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