Ana de Armas Rumored to Star in Spider-Man Spin-off Movie - Is It True?

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El Muerto, Ana de Armas, Spider-Man

A new rumor suggested that Ana de Armas may be in talks to join Sony Pictures' Spider-Man spinoff El Muerto, but several insiders seem to disagree about its legitimacy. 

When El Meurto was announced in April 2022, many fans thought it was a joke. However, it was the real deal—Sony had even grabbed famous rapper Bad Bunny to play the leading part.

Since then, information has been slim to none. But, recently, the project popped back up again when word started spreading that it is "very unlikely to make [its current release date]."

While that remains in question, the film once again came up in the internet conversation, this time regarding the project's casting.

Ana De Armas in Talks for El Muerto... Maybe

Spider-Man, El Muerto

A new rumor regarding some big casting news for Sony's El Muerto has potentially landed, but some industry insiders seem to have conflicting information—which is making fans ask themselves, is it true?

In reply to an article from ScreenGeek claiming that Ana de Armas is being eyed for Sony Spider-Man spin-off El Muerto, industry insider MyTimeToShineHello claimed that they had "heard the same."

However, despite the user's track record when it comes to scoops, reporter Umberto Gonzalez simply responded, "not true."

Big Screen Leaks backed that same sentiment up, saying the actress is not involved with the Sony project:

"Lots of people keep asking me this and no, Ana de Armas is not involved with this project nor in talks for it."

Gonzalez responded to that post as well, simply noting that they were "correct."

Will Ana De Armas Join Sony's Spider-Man Universe?

So, is it true?

It's hard to tell since the competing parties have all had reputable intel in the past. What could be happening is that Sony is looking for an Ana De Armas-type of actor, and not necessarily the woman herself.

If she is joining El Meurto, there's no good guess as to what role she'd have. The titular character is on the fringes of Marvel Comic history and literally does not have his own supporting cast—he can hardly even be considered a Spider-Man villain as it is.

Many fans have already started voicing their opinions on the matter. More than a few were hoping to see de Armas join the MCU or even the DCU—both are generally considered better options. 

After all, Marvel Studios is currently casting the Fantastic Four, and they're supposedly starting with Sue Storm. Of course, there are also countless mutant roles to fill once the MCU reaches that point.

Even the DCU has an endless list of great roles for de Armas to take on, thanks to its upcoming reboot

An actress of her caliber certainly deserves a notably important and sizeable role for something as big as a superhero franchise.

For some reason, the world seems to be thinking that El Muerto simply won't meet those same standards.

El Muerto is currently scheduled to land in theaters on January 12, 2024.

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