American Idol 2024 Cast: Every Contestant Remaining

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After kicking off nearly two months ago, American Idol Season 22 has narrowed its search significantly to these final contestants.

In the latest episode of American Idol, the competition intensified as the cast battled for a spot in the Top 14. 

Several contestants, such as McKenna Faith Breinholt and Abi Carter, made it to the Top 14 and celebrated with encore performances. 

Ultimately, the judges decided to save four contestants: Jayna Elise, Jordan Anthony, Nya, and Roman Collins. 

Here's a full look at the Top 14 remaining contestants set to compete during the finale stretch of 2024's American Idol Season 22 on ABC.

American Idol 2024's Remaining 14 Contestants

Jordan Anthony

Jordan Anthony on American Idol.
Jordan Anthony

Instagram: @jordananthonymusic

YouTube: @Jordan Anthony Music

Jordan Anthony's live audience journey with his performance of "Love in the Dark" during the Showstopper round impressed the judges and secured him a spot in the Top 24. 

In the Top 20 round, Jordan performed "When the Party's Over" and was saved by the judges, allowing him to advance in the competition. 

He continued his success in the next round with a performance of "Attention," which further demonstrated his vocal talents and helped him progress to the Top 14. 

Jordan's journey on American Idol has showcased his musical versatility and ability to captivate both the judges and the audience with his performances.

Jack Blocker

Jack Blocker on American Idol.
Jack Blocker

Instagram: @jackforestblocker

Youtube: @Jack Blocker

Jack Blocker is a soulful singer on American Idol Season 22 who has made a strong impression with his performances. In the Showstopper round, he earned his place in the Top 24 with a rendition of "You Should've Seen the Other Guy." 

Then, his recent performance of "You Don't Mess Around with Jim" in the Top 20 allowed him to advance safely to the Top 14. Jack's consistent performances have made him a contestant to watch this season.

McKenna Faith Breinholt

McKenna Faith Breinholt on American Idol.
McKenna Faith Breinholt

Instagram: @mckennafaithbreinholt

McKenna Faith Breinholt previously advanced through the Showstopper round to secure a spot in the Top 24 with her performance of "Anyone."

She performed impressively during Season 22's first voting round in Hawaii, singing "The Story" and dedicating the song to her adoptive mom, Lisa. 

Her emotional performance, combined with her storytelling style and guitar playing, earned her praise from the judges, who highlighted her star voice and potential as a singer-songwriter.

Abi Carter

Abi Carter on American Idol.
Abi Carter

Instagram: @abicartermusic

Abi Carter, a Top 14 contestant on 2024's American Idol, has consistently showcased her musical talent and versatility throughout the competition. 

She stood out during the showstopper round with her performance of "If I Could Turn Back Time," and her ability to convey emotion and connect with the audience has made her a strong contender in the competition.

Roman Collins

Roman Collins on American Idol.
Roman Collins

Instagram: @romancollinsofficial

YouTube: @Roman D Collins

Roman Collins has made a significant impact on American Idol Season 22 with his strong stage presence. 

His vocal range and emotional delivery earned him a place in the competition's later rounds, showcasing his musical prowess. 

Collins stood out in the Showstopper round with his rendition of "Come Together" and continues to impress judges and viewers with his distinctive style and ability to captivate audiences.

Jayna Elise

Jayna Elise on American Idol.
Jayna Elise

Instagram: @thejaynaelise

YouTube: @Jayna Elise

This is Jayna Elise's second season on the show; she made it to the Showstopper round last season. Elise has talked about the overwhelming competition experience but emphasized the importance of confidence and persistence in pursuing her dreams.

Her performances, including her take on "Confident" in the Top 24 round, have showcased her range and ability to connect with the audience on a personal level. 

Elise's distinct vocal style and stage presence make her a strong competitor, earning her a spot in the Top 14.

Julia Gagnon

Julia Gagnon on American Idol.
Julia Gagnon

Instagram: @juliasingsabit

Julia Gagnon's performance of Jennifer Hudson's powerful ballad "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" during the Showstopper round earned her a spot in the Top 24.

 Gagnon's soulful voice and emotional delivery have captivated the judges and audience alike, and she continued to impress with her rendition of Adele's "Rumour Has It." 

As she progresses through the competition, Gagnon showcases her vocal versatility and unique artistic style, establishing herself as a strong contender.

Triston Harper

Triston Harper on American Idol.
Triston Harper

Instagram: @tristonharpermusic

Triston Harper is a talented country cast member on this year's American Idol, known for his deep vocals. 

His rendition of "By Your Grace" during the Showstopper round showcased his soulful voice and musical passion, earning him a spot in the Top 24. 

Harper continued to impress with his performances of "God's Country" and "H-O-P-E," demonstrating his ability to deliver emotionally resonant performances.


Kaibrienne on American Idol.

Instagram: @kaibrienne

Kaibrienne's rendition of "Simple Man" during the Showstopper round highlighted her strong, soulful voice and ability to convey deep emotion through her music. 

Kaibrienne continued to impress with her performances of "Heaven" and "Girl I am Now," showcasing her versatility and distinctive style on the way to the Top 14.


KAYKO on American Idol.

Instagram: @kaykomusic

Kayko's journey on American Idol has been marked by his original songs and moving performances. 

Mentored by Tori Kelly during the Top 24 Hawaii Round, he performed his self-penned song "How To Live Without You" and secured enough votes to advance safely. In the Top 20 round, Kayko sang another original track, "Over You," which earned him a spot in the Top 14 finalists. 

Kayko's heartfelt songwriting, including a dedication to his late mother, has resonated with the judges and viewers, making him a strong contender in the competition.

Mia Matthews

Mia Matthews on American Idol.
Mia Matthews

Instagram: @miamakana

TikTok: @miamakana

In the Top 20 round, Mia Matthews sang Lainey Wilson's "Wildflowers and Wild Horses" and garnered enough votes to reach the Top 14. In celebration, she performed "Burning House" by Cam. 

Mia's musical background is enriched by her family ties; she previously appeared with her sister, Jacy Matthews, and their mother, Tara, as the trio Worth the Wait on The Voice, where they finished in the Top 17 under Blake Shelton's mentorship. 

Mia's strong country roots and impressive vocal talent have made her a standout in the competition.

Will Moseley

Will Moseley on American Idol.
Will Moseley

Instagram: @willmoseleymusic

TikTok: @willmoseleymusic

Will's journey on American Idol Season 22 has been marked by his soulful performances and versatile song choices. Lionel Richie had to leave early during his audition but still gave a positive "yes" verdict before departing.

In the Top 24, Will delivered a captivating rendition of Otis Redding's "(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay," securing enough votes to advance. 

In the Top 20 round, he performed "Makin' Me Look Good Again" by Drake White, earning a spot in the Top 14 and celebrating with a reprise of his original song "Gone for Good." 


Nya on American Idol.

Instagram: @itsnyachomba

TikTok: @itsnyachomba

Nya quickly impressed the judges at her audition in Los Angeles with "Wait a Minute!" by Willow Smith. Then, she advanced through the Hollywood Round by performing Aretha Franklin's "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman." 

In the Top 24, Nya performed "The Best" by Tina Turner and earned enough votes to advance. Although she initially found herself in the Danger Zone in the Top 20 after performing "Georgia on My Mind" by Ray Charles, her performance of "Water" by Tyla secured her a spot in the Top 14 as one of the four Wild Cards chosen by the judges. 

Nya's vocal talent and versatility have made her a strong contender heading into the Top 14.

Emmy Russell

Emmy Russell on American Idol.
Emmy Russell

Instagram: @emmyroserussell

Emmy Russell performed a trendy song, "Beautiful Things" by Benson Boone, and earned enough votes to advance past the Top 24. 

In the Top 20, she sang an original song called "Want You" and secured a spot in the Top 14 by placing in the Top 10 in the voting.

Her notable performances, including her audition song "Skinny," which reflects her struggles with an eating disorder, demonstrate her talent and resilience. Emmy is also the granddaughter of country singer Loretta Lynn.

The upcoming schedule of 2024's American Idol includes several themed episodes, such as "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame" and "Billboard #1 Hits" on Sunday, April 21 and Monday, April 22, respectively. This will be followed by "Top 10" on April 28, "Judge's Song Contest" on Monday, April 29, and "Adele Night" on Sunday, May 5, all airing at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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