Where Was Alone 2020 Movie Filmed? Locations Explained

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Alone's filming locations perfectly captured the isolated nature and the haunting vibes of the 2020 psychological thriller. 

Alone chronicles the daunting story of a young woman named Jessica (Jules Wilcox) who tries to flee from a psychopath (Marc Menchaca) in the woods. 

The movie premiered in theaters on September 18, 2020, earning over $640,000 at the box office.

Alone Opens in Portland, Oregon

Jules Wilcox as Jessica

Alone's opening scene showed Jessica packing her belongings as she prepared for her trip. The scene was filmed in Portland, Oregon.

The city served as a stunning backdrop for much of the movie's opening sequence, as Jessica drove her U-Haul trailer across town and archived videos of her and her husband. 

The St. John's Bridge, one of Portland's iconic landmarks, was also featured at the beginning of Jessica's road trip. 

Another notable movie that filmed scenes in Portland is Amazon Studios' Somebody I Used to Know starring Alison Brie and Kiersey Clemons. 

Alone Mostly Filmed in Estacada, Oregon

Jules Wilcox as Jessica

Another notable production location where Alone was mostly filmed was Estacada, Oregon, 30 miles southeast of Portland.

As indicated by the official movie's Instagram (@alonethefilm), a large chunk of the movie was predominantly shot in Estacada. 

Some of the sequences that were shot in Estacada were Jessica getting gas at a gas station (located at 376 South East Main Street, Estacada) before being approached by her stalker. 

Estacada is more than just a filming location since it serves as a tool to inform the audience that Jessica is slowly becoming prey to the deranged stalker trying to get her, meaning she's all on her own. 

Other movies filmed in Estacada are Mean Creek and Leave No Trace.

Alone Filmed at Stone Cliff Inn

Jules Wilcox as Jessica in Alone

Stone Cliff Inn is pivotal in providing the 2020 movie Alone with an interesting backdrop for its sequences, such as the chase scene between Jessica and her stalker, Sam, in the woods. 

In an official post on the movie's Instagram in November 2017, the account shared an update on the film's director, John Hyams, and director of photography, Federico Verardi, scouting Stone Cliff Inn as one of the possible filming locations for the movie.

Another notable movie, Twilight, also used the location. 

Mount Hood, National Forest Oregon Served as an Integral Part

Jules Wilcox as Jessica

A good amount of the forest sequences of Alone were shot in Mount Hood, National Forest Oregon. 

Mount Hood served as the haunting backdrop of Sam's abduction of Jess. The remote location is perfect for any kidnapper since the victim wouldn't be able to call for help as it is situated a few miles outside of Portland.

The dangers of the wilderness added more terrifying ramifications to Jess' unusual predicament. 

Alone is available to stream on Netflix in some international territories. Fans can also purchase the film on major digital platforms.

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