The Kitchen Netflix Movie Ending Explained

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Netflix's science-fiction epic, The Kitchen, is making waves thanks (in part) to its shocking ending. 

The dystopian blockbuster marks Black Panther actor Daniel Kaluuya's directorial debut, telling the story of a far-future London and the residents of the city's last social housing projects fighting against authority to survive.

The film follows Izi (Kane Robinson) and Benji (Jedaiah Bannerman) navigating the tight-knit but crime-riddled community known as the Kitchen and their conflict with law enforcement and the upper class.  

Breaking Down the End of The Kitchen

Taking on issues like class warfare and the disparity between groups in society throughout its runtime, Netflix's The Kitchen ends with a bang.

After leaving the social housing project from which the Netflix movie takes its name, Kane Robinson's Izi relocates to a nice upper-class flat. However, he notably does this without bringing his young compatriot Benji along. 

The Kitchen Police

Running in tandem with Izi getting his new place, the police raid the social housing project. 

This police raid eventually leads to the murder of Kitchen community leader Lord Kitchener. Kitchener's death leads Benji, the Staples gang, and several other groups from the Kitchen to incite riots across London.

The Kitchen Riots

From there, things only get more violent as the Kitchen rioters begin to take their angst out on London's upper class. 

Seeing what is happening, Izi seeks out his young 'friend,' finding Benji and apologizing for seeming to abandon him.

The Kitchen Plant

The pair head back to the Kitchen to bury a plant in honor of Benji's fallen mother. 

As warnings of another police raid wash over the two, Benji and Izi help their fellow community members out of the housing project before setting up the plant's new home and saying one last goodbye to Benji's mom.

Following that, Izi and Beji arrive back at Izi's flat. The pair look down on Staples and his fellow rioters overpower police and Benji asks Izi, "Are you my dad?" 

The Kitchen Benji

After a beat, Izi responds, "Would you want me to be?" The young boy says, "Let's just see how it goes." The pair embrace, and then the film cuts to black. 

The Kitchen Izi

Is Izi Really Benji's Father in The Kitchen?

While there is some ambiguity in his answer, it seems clear Kane Robinson's Izi is Benji's father. 

Whether that means he is his actual biological father remains to be seen. Still, the resident of future London has long been taking care of the young teen, and this final moment between the two feels more like an affirmation of commitment to one another rather than a simple declaration of paternity. 

If he is Benji's biological father as well, it would make sense. Robinson's character has a deep history with Benji, talking about the boy's mother and his history with the family quite often. 

Yes, Jedaiah Bannerman Benji may have grown up without a parental figure for most of his upbringing, but he seems to have one by the time the film ends. 

Hopefully, the pair can overcome the odds stacked against them. The Kitchen ends without any real indication of what happened to them, the Kitchen apartment block, and the community members that called it home. 

The Kitchen is now streaming on Netflix. 

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