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All American Season 6 is now available to watch for free before its upcoming streaming release on Netflix.

Following a football player recruited to play in Beverly Hills, All American is inspired by the real story of former pro athlete Spencer Paysinger as the leading character moves out of South Los Angeles.

The show navigates the trials and tribulations of families from widely different backgrounds, navigating cultural and socioeconomic differences while dealing with the drama of a high school football team.

Season 6 began its run in April 2024 and will conclude with 15 episodes — a shorter season due to 2023's writers' and actors' strikes.

All American Season 6 Online for Free

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All American

Season 6 of The CW's All American was recently released on The CW's website, allowing fans to watch the first 13 episodes for free.

This comes before the entire season is released on Netflix on July 23, which will be after the last two episodes of the season air on TV.

Important to note is that Episode 14 and Episode 15 have not aired yet, which will come after one week off on Monday, July 8 and Monday, July 15.

Ahead are descriptions for the first 13 episodes of Season 6 along with links to where to watch them on The CW's website:

Episode 1: "Things Done Changed"

The new school year sees Spencer and Jordan officially eligible to enter the NFL draft, which puts Spencer dead-center into the media spotlight as he looks to his future.

Olivia then returns to LA as a changed woman after a visit to London, and Asher and Jaymee's lives are also changed as they navigate being parents for the first time.

Watch All American Season 6, Episode 1 here.

Episode 2: "Public Service Announcement"

Episode 2 follows Golden Angeles University as they charge into their season opener for the new year of football.

Spencer starts feeling a heavy toll from the media's obsession over him while Olivia opens up to Jordan and Laura about everything she's been working on.

Watch All American Season 6, Episode 2 here.

Episode 3: "Business is Business"

As the football team changes some of its in-game strategy, Spencer and Jordan are at each other's throats, and the timing could not be worse

Meanwhile, Olivia has to handle the emotional ramifications of diving too deep into the past.

Watch All American Season 6, Episode 3 here.

Episode 4: "Black Out"

Spencer has the night of his life celebrating his 21st birthday, but he has to get Coop's help to remember what happened at his party the previous night.

Olivia and Jordan are seen reminiscing about their childhood with Billy, and Asher has to handle the fallout of one of his toughest recent decisions.

Watch All American Season 6, Episode 4 here.

Episode 5: "Trust Issues"

Spencer turns his attention to helping a South Crenshaw High School player dealing with his own issues, which comes after problems Spencer experiences with a new strategy on the football field

Layla then helps Jordan find a new roommate at the beach house away from the football action.

Watch All American Season 6, Episode 5 here.

Episode 6: "Connection"

The friend group known as the Vortex has to deal with the loss of internet during a spontaneous trip to a cabin.

The group helps Spencer with his new case studies on relationships while Jordan discovers something wild about Layla that he didn't see coming.

Watch All American Season 6, Episode 6 here.

Episode 7: "Passin' By Me"

Spencer and Olivia have their hearts set on ringing in the new year together on New Year's Eve regardless of how many interruptions they face.

Meanwhile, Jordan has to seek advice on how to go about speaking to Layla about an extra-sensitive topic.

Watch All American Season 6, Episode 7 here.

Episode 8: "Kids See Ghosts"

Laura brings a special gift from Billy to Olivia, Jordan, and Spencer, surprising them as they all navigate through various difficult issues.

Layla also makes an important discovery in a therapy session while Coop and Patience work together to figure out their next step in the case against Miko.

Watch All American Season 6, Episode 8 here.

Episode 9: "100%"

Spencer looks to his part for guidance ahead of one of the biggest games of his football career.

Layla pushes through to the next step of her recovery while Olivia deals with a surprising round of feedback coming from her publisher.

Watch All American Season 6, Episode 9 here.

Episode 10: "Mass Appeal"

The NFL Combine presents Spencer with new challenges and struggles as prospective coaches examine the darkest parts of his past.

Jordan also convinces Layla to take a day for herself to unwind while he takes care of her first brunch service at the lounge for her.

Watch All American Season 6, Episode 10 here.

Episode 11: The Next Episode

After a couples' trip falls apart, Spencer offers to have the Vortex assist at South Crenshaw High School's theatrical production of Romeo and Juliet.

Jordan and Layla then have difficult decisions to make and plenty of conflict after hearing a disappointing bit of news from their wedding venue.

Watch All American Season 6, Episode 11 here.

Episode 12: "Draft Day"

Spencer lives his best life as he looks ahead to the day of the NFL draft, making a few lavish purchases as part of his celebration.

Olivia then unveils her book to her family for the first time, but she worries that she will not get anybody to show up to her first book signing.

Watch All American Season 6, Episode 12 here.

Episode 13: "Victory Lap"

As Jordan and Layla embark on the final preparations for their wedding day, Layla admits to missing her mother's presence in this huge milestone moment.

Spencer then turns his attention to their wedding, shifting his focus away from his ultimate dream of playing in the NFL for a short time.

Watch All American Season 6, Episode 13 here.

Episode 14: "I Do: Part 1"

Spencer and Olivia's attention is all focused on pulling off the perfect wedding weekend for Jordan and Layla while Laura and Grace compete over writing the best speech.

Jordan is also considering a new job offer while his and Layla's search for their new home takes unexpected twists and turns.

All American Season 6, Episode 14 will premiere on The CW on Monday, July 8 at 8 p.m. ET.

Episode 15: "I Do: Part 2"

As of writing, there is no official synopsis available for All American Season 6, Episode 15. 

It is expected to premiere on The CW on Monday, July 15 at 8 p.m. ET.

The first 13 episodes of All American Season 6 are now streaming on The CW's website.

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