Ahsoka Disney+ Show: Another Huge Rebels Cameo Might've Just Got Revealed

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Ahsoka Disney+ Show Rebels

New Star Wars merchandise may have revealed one of the biggest Star Wars Rebels cameos intended for Lucasfilm's Ahsoka series on Disney+

Despite being titled Ahsoka, the Rosario Dawson-led series appears to be something of a Star Wars Rebels live-action spin-off as characters from that Lucasfilm animated series are also confirmed to appear. 

While audiences fully expected Season 2 of The Mandalorian to introduce a few of these Rebels heroes, as Chapter 21 of the series just did, a significant Ahsoka cameo was just introduced through a LEGO set instead of Disney+. 

A Major Ahsoka Rebels Cameos Just Got Spoiled

While the original trilogy had the Millennium Falcon, the Star Wars Rebels animated series had the Ghost; and soon, so will Ahsoka

In advance of the Disney+ series debut, an upcoming LEGO set of the Ghost - based on the Ahsoka series - has been revealed. But the ship itself isn't so much a spoiler. It's the set's mini-figures that just spoiled a major cameo. 

Hera Syndulla, Jacen
Star Wars

Promo Bricks shared LEGO #75357's description which, in addition to being described as "Hera Syndulla's ship," includes the following five figures: Hera, Chopper, Quarrie (a Mon Calamari mechanic from Rebels), an unknown male character with dark skin, and Hera's son, Jacen. 

Jacen Syndulla is the son of Star Wars Rebels' Twi'lek pilot Hera Syndulla and late Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus

He made his Star Wars debut in the Star Wars Rebels epilogue where Sabine Wren described him as being "born to fly, just like his mother," but possibly teasing his connection to the Force by saying, "And, well, we all know what his father was like."

He also had green hair, a reflection of his mother's Twi'lek skin, and blue eyes, just like his father's.  

Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead is expected to play his mother, Hera Syndulla, in the live-action series. 

Jacen Syndulla's Live-Action Debut

Jacen Syndulla
Star Wars

Since The Mandalorian takes place 9 years after A New Hope, and Star Wars Rebels occurred before the original trilogy, Jacen Syndulla is still growing up during the time of Ahsoka

However, given reports of Ahsoka being a non-linear story, it's hard to know exactly what age audiences will see Jacen on Disney+.   

Regardless, his presence in the show is huge for Star Wars Rebels fans and could be integral to Ezra Bridger's story. After all, Ezra was trained by Jacen's father; and if Jacen is strong with the Force, Ezra may do the same for Kanan's son. 

If so, that means the Mando-Verse is home to two young Padawans, the other being Grogu

While the extent of his role and who will be playing the Ghost's youngest crew member is unknown, answers are likely to be revealed at Star Wars Celebration beginning on Friday, April 7. 

Hopefully, fans will also learn just who the LEGO set's dark-skinned male character is as well?

All episodes of Star Wars Rebels are available to stream on Disney+; Ahsoka arrives on Disney+ later this year. 

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