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Ms. Marvel is gearing up for an explosive finale. Throughout its first four episodes, the mystery behind Kamala Khan's bangle and her family history has been at the center of the narrative. Episode 4 pushed the story even further when the titular hero traveled to Pakistan to learn more about her family's past, eventually crossing paths with the Red Daggers. This is where Kamala became aware of the ClanDestines' plan and her familial origin as Djinns. 

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel Episode 5. 

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At the tail-end of Episode 4, Kamala and Kamran went head to head with the ClanDestines, ultimately leading to a clash that sent the young MCU hero back in time during the Partition of India in 1942. Ms. Marvel Episode 5, titled "Time and Again," focused on Aisha's compelling backstory while also revealing that Kamala is the one who saved her Nani during the fateful night where "the trail of stars" led her back to her father. 

The penultimate installment also ended the storyline of the Noor Dimension by featuring the premature death of the ClanDestines. Still, the villain's demise showcased an interesting Easter egg that could tie them to the Inhumans.

Ms. Marvel Episode 5 Features Agents of SHIELD Connection

ClanDestine, Ms. Marvel
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During Episode 3, it was revealed that the main goal of the ClanDestines is to get home, but doing so would endanger Earth. Episode 5 ultimately featured the opening of the Veil, where the barrier between the Noor Dimension and Earth has been ripped open. However, when one of the ClanDestines tried to enter the rift, she was killed, turning into a cocoon-like state before perishing. 

ClanDestine, Ms. Marvel
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While the design of the cocoon from Ms. Marvel isn't really visually similar to the one seen from the Terrigenesis that came in Agents of SHIELD, the fact that there is a cocoon present in both instances suggests a strong connection between the two occurrences. 

Agents of SHIELD, Ms. Marvel
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In Agents of SHIELD, characters who were not Inhumans died after being exposed to Terrigen. As for those who have the Inhuman gene, the person was instantly given powers after being encased in a cocoon.

Chloe Bennet as Skye, Agents of SHIELD
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A good example of the event was Chloe Bennet's Daisy Johnson transforming into Quake. During Agents of SHIELD Season 2, Daisy (formerly known as Skye) was exposed to Terrigen, thus allowing her to unlock her Inhuman powers. However, Antoine Triplett, her SHIELD teammate who was with her during the Terrigen exposure, died since he has no Inhuman gene. 

Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson, Agents of SHIELD
Marvel TV

Although Ms. Marvel's cocoon has a different color and aesthetic from Agents of SHIELD's version, the visual cue of the ClanDestine dying is somehow the same as Marvel TV's representation. Could this indicate a potential Inhuman tease for the MCU's Earth-616?

Is the MCU Secretly Teasing the Inhumans' Arrival?

Ms. Marvel
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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the first MCU project to showcase the existence of Inhumans by introducing Earth-838's Black Bolt. Given that Marvel Studios already confirmed the Inhumans' existence, it's reasonable to assume that such a group exists on the MCU's Earth-616, and their arrival is only a matter of time. 

Anson Mount as Black Bolt, Doctor Strange 2
Marvel Studios

In Marvel Comics, Kamala Khan is classified as an Inhuman, with the character's polymorph powers being activated by the Terrigen bomb. Although Ms. Marvel has already indicated that the MCU's Kamala is not an Inhuman, there's still a chance that other characters belong to the powerful group. 

Najma's sacrifice to close the rift had major repercussions since it surprisingly gave powers to her son, Kamran. It's possible that the young ClanDestine absorbed some of the Noor Dimension's essence, with Najma serving as its passageway. It is still unknown if Kamran is an Inhuman, but the fact that he survived presents endless possibilities. 

Although the Noor Dimension is featured prominently in Ms. Marvel, the plane of existence has yet to be explored thoroughly. In the comics, Terrigen Crystals formed in the subterranean Terrigen Waters on Earth's Moon near the city of Attilan. Given that it gave Kamran his powers, there's reason to believe that the MCU's Terrigen could have originated from the Noor Dimension. 

Still, there could be a non-Inhuman-related explanation for the ClanDestines' death on Ms. Marvel.

The show revealed that Najma's group was exiled from the Noor Dimension, meaning that their situation cannot be reversed. As a result, the pair's demise upon entering the Veil could be due to their exile and not connected to Terrigen and the Inhumans. If this is the case, then Kamran's power boost would still remain a mystery, but it's safe to assume that this could be Najma's parting gift in order to protect her son. 

Whatever the case, it is still unclear how the MCU would properly introduce the Inhumans into the mix. For now, it's clear as day that Kamala's story isn't connected to the Inhumans, but Marvel Studios could change that in future projects. 

Ms. Marvel's finale is set to premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, July 13. 

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