Ms. Marvel's Red Dagger Twist Already Spoiled by the Comics (Theory)

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Ms. Marvel is gearing up for an explosive final batch of episodes as Iman Vellani's Kamala Khan heads to Karachi to find answers. The Disney+ series' first two episodes tackled the titular hero's origin story, diving deep into the mystery surrounding the ancient bangle that ultimately gave her powers. In Episode 3, things took a turn when the ClanDestine arrived and revealed themselves as the true villains in the story. 

The episode's ending revealed a powerful vision that prompted Kamala and her mother to go to Pakistan to finally unravel the truth behind Aisha. 

Warning - this article contains spoilers for Episode 4 of Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 showcased the high stakes involved with the bangle, revealing that it has the power to potentially combine Earth with the Noor Dimension. While the ramifications are expected to be massive, the introduction of a new ally could level the playing field as Kamala fulfills her destiny. 

Ms. Marvel: Who is Red Dagger?

Red Dagger Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel's latest installment (finally) introduced Aramis Knight's Red Dagger.

Created for Marvel Comics by G. Willow Wilson and Mirka Andolfo, the character is a vigilante operating in Karachi who protected the people of Pakistan from various threats. While the character has no powers, Kareem's expertise in handling knives easily makes him a formidable fighter against villains. The Pakistani vigilante wears his iconic red scarf that covers part of his face.

Red Dagger Marvel Comics

In addition to his vigilante life, Kareem also has a romantic link to the titular young Avenger, but it didn't fully develop into a relationship. 

In Episode 4, the MCU's Red Dagger met Kamala in Karachi, similar to how the two characters encountered each other in the comics. Although it is unknown if this version of Kareem devoted himself to protecting the people of Pakistan as a vigilante, Ms. Marvel established the idea that the Red Daggers are dedicated to fighting the ClanDestines. 

Fahran Akran's Waleed, who is the leader of the Red Daggers, revealed that the group has existed for hundreds of years, suggesting that there could be more of them in other parts of Pakistan. Moreover, Waleed's knowledge of the ClanDestine and the Noor Dimension indicated that the Red Daggers are pivotal in keeping not just Pakistan safe, but the entire world as well. 

Waleed Red Dagger Ms. Marvel

Even though Waleed met his unfortunate demise in the episode, Kareem seems poised to continue the Red Dagger legacy, and more of his allies could show up in future episodes. 

However, based on the character's history in the comics, it looks like Kareem will make the jump to America before the series ends. 

Red Dagger's Trip to America Spoiled by the Comics

Red Dagger Ms. Marvel

Red Dagger and Ms. Marvel went on various missions together in the comics, ultimately leading to the latter's transfer to the United States. Kareem participated in an exchange student program, attending the same school as Kamala in Jersey City.

Given that Kareem has close ties to Kamala's grandmother in the comics, the Pakistani vigilante ended up living in the Khan family residence to earn foreign-language credits for his college applications.

Red Dagger Marvel Comics New Jersey

There's a strong chance that a similar scenario will happen in Ms. Marvel, mainly because Episode 4 only scratched the surface of Kareem's origin. It's possible that the last two episodes will reveal that Kareem has ties to Kamala's Nani, making it easier to explain why he ends up living with the Khans in Jersey City. 

Kareem's stay in Jersey City didn't stop him from becoming Red Dagger, mainly due to his dedication to helping others. One of the heroic deeds that the Pakistani hero was involved with was during a time when he helped Ms. Marvel to stop a runaway train. However, this situation sparked tension between him and Kamala since the media gave him sole credit for saving the train instead. Ultimately, though, this was resolved.

Kareem's move to Jersey City is more than just for school, as it presents a plethora of storytelling opportunities that could even connect to Brie Larson's Captain Marvel.

How Ms. Marvel's Red Dagger Connects to The Marvels (Theory)

Red Dagger Ms. Marvel

At one point in the comics, Kamala temporarily retired as Ms. Marvel, leading to Kareem stepping up as Jersey City's new hero. This newfound responsibility gave him the opportunity to team up with none other than Captain Marvel herself, who aided in his battle against the Inventor and his horde of cybernetic animals.

It remains to be seen how Ms. Marvel will end, but it's safe to assume that Kamala's cosmic mission with Carol Danvers will be much clearer once the show's credits roll. In addition, Ms. Marvel head writer Bisha K. Ali already confirmed that she wrote Season 1 being “very aware of that connectivity” and that the team for The Marvels “had read all of [Ms. Marvel’s] scripts.”

Red Dagger Kamala Corps Captain Marvel

If Kareem ends up in Jersey City at the end of Ms. Marvel, then it allows the character to temporarily take Kamala's place as the city's hero if the young Avenger heads to space in The Marvels. On a side note, Kareem's inclusion also creates a much more complicated love story for Kamala, considering Bruno and Kamran's feelings toward her too. 

At this stage, Ms. Marvel has yet to be renewed for a second season, but if it does, part of the follow-up could explore Kareem's adventures in protecting Jersey City. If the MCU would closely adapt the comics, it could even lead to the debut of the franchise's live-action iteration of the Inventor, showing a different kind of threat for Kamala to face once she returns. 

The first four episodes of Ms. Marvel are now streaming on Disney+.

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