Act Your Age Season 2: Will More Episodes Ever Release?

By Jennifer McDonough Posted:
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Act Your Age’s arrival on Netflix was a rousing success, but was that enough to warrant a Season 2?

Act Your Age was conceived as a series akin to the iconic 1980s sitcom The Golden Girls, from which it borrowed its central premise: Three single women in their fifties with contrasting personality types, all living under one roof.

The Bounce TV sitcom starred Yvette Nicole Brown (of Community and Drake & Josh fame) as well as Kym Whitley and Trisha Campbell.

Will Act Your Age Get a Second Season?

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Act Your Age

Act Your Age first premiered on Bounce TV in 2023 but was recently made available for streaming on Netflix where it quickly began trending as the #4 top series in the United States.

Series creator Alyson Fouse tweeted in November 2023 that Bounce declined to grant Act Your Age a Season 2 but was nonetheless grateful for fans’ support:

"I’m sorry to say that my show ‘Act Your Age’ will not be returning to Bounce for a second season. The first season will however be available on Netflix early next year. Thank you to everyone who watched and supported. It meant the world to us."

Star Yvette Nicole Brown also confirmed the cancellation of Act Your Age on X (formerly Twitter) last fall:

"Sadly, yes it’s true. 'Act Your Age' was cancelled."

As of writing, the show remains canceled and has yet to be picked up by a streaming service.

This was something that Fouse had previously advocated for:

"Thank you so much for the support and we couldn't agree more. Someone needs to give 'Act Your Age' a home. Until then, please enjoy all 16 episodes on Netflix”

Brown has also enthusiastically campaigned for viewers to catch Act Your Age on its new home on Netflix in the hope that a large enough audience would spur the streaming giant to save the show:

"Please repost and share with your friends and please binge WATCH for the next week. And if you don’t have time right now, just turn the show on and walk away from your TV."

Act Your Age arrived on Netflix on Wednesday, May 22, so it is likely still too early to tell whether the streamer has been swayed into ordering more episodes. The show’s very strong streaming debut certainly can’t hurt matters, but a renewal is far from guaranteed.

Could Netflix Really Save Act Your Age?

It’s perfectly possible that if Act Your Age continues to do big numbers on Netflix and remains consistently popular, a Season 2 renewal could be in its future. 

Netflix has something of a history of reviving canceled television shows, although this constitutes a list that may not be as long as some may believe.

Arguably the most high-profile Netflix continuation was Arrested Development. The Fox comedy got the axe in 2006 and was brought back by the service in 2013 with the entire original cast. More were episodes subsequently released in 2018 and 2019.

Netflix also pulled the same trick with the Kiefer Sutherland-led Designated Survivor, the DC series Lucifer, the NBC drama Manifest, and a handful of others. This has been enough rescued shows for Netflix to make a name for itself as a haven for programs that were cast off of their original homes.

So, it certainly stands to reason that if Act Your Age finds a big audience, the world’s top streaming platform could swoop in and deliver it from its grim fate at the hands of Bounce TV. Nothing to that effect has been confirmed though.

All 16 episodes of Act Your Age are now streaming on Netflix.

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