Young Sheldon Season 7's Netflix Release: When Will It Start Streaming?

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As Young Sheldon Season 7 starts its run on CBS, fans are wondering when the series will eventually be released on Netflix

The hit Big Bang Theory spin-off is set to come to a close with Season 7, marking the end of Sheldon Cooper's journey following 12 seasons of the original Big Bang series and seven years for the hit prequel. 

However, just because the series is coming to an end on linear television, that does not mean it will not live on elsewhere as the beloved comedy is available to stream on several streaming services. 

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When Will Young Sheldon Season 7 Come To Netflix?

Iain Armitage as Sheldon Coope in Young Sheldon Season 7

While Young Sheldon has proven strong in its seven-season run on CBS, a large swath of its audience has taken in the sitcom on streaming. So, when exactly the show will come to services like Netflix is a big deal. 

Thus far, all six seasons of The Big Bang Theory's spinoff have eventually come to Netflix in the U.S. 

Season 6 - which ended in May 2023 - just debuted on Netflix (on February 1), marking a nine-month gap between the show's Season 6 finale on cable and its Netflix debut. 

Season 5 took a bit longer, coming to the streaming giant roughly 18 months after finishing its CBS run. 

Fans can likely expect Season 7 to hit Netflix somewhere between six and 10 months after its debut on linear TV. 

Seeing as Young Sheldon's final batch of episodes will not be done airing until May, that would put the Season 7 Netflix debut sometime in late 2024 or (more likely) early 2025. 

Once Season 7 does eventually come to the service, the entire series will be able to watch on Netflix, with Seasons 1-6 already there. 

Where Else Is Young Sheldon Streaming?

Luckily for fans who cannot wait that long to stream Young Sheldon Season 7, there are some other options. 

The series is also available to stream on the Warner Bros.-owned Max as well as Paramount+

It remains unclear exactly when Season 7 of the hit TV comedy will come to Max, but it will likely be earlier than Netflix. 

Seeing as Young Sheldon is technically a Warner Bros. Television production, the series has typically come to Max a few months before Netflix. 

To put it into perspective, while it took until February 2024 for Season 6 to hit Netflix, the same batch of episodes came to Max five months earlier in September 2023. 

If Season 7 follows suit, then audiences can expect the series' final chapter to come to Max sometime this summer or early in the fall. 

On Paramount+, the wait is even more expedited with subscribers being treated to new episodes the day after they air on CBS. 

Young Sheldon continues with new episodes airing on CBS on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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