30 Coins Season 3 Potential Release, Cast & Everything We Know

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Here’s everything to know about 30 Coins Season 3.

After the insane ending to Season 2, audiences were left wondering when exactly more episodes would arrive. After all, with such a big cliffhanger, one would hope a resolution will materialize eventually.

When Could 30 Coins Season 3 Release?

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As of writing, 30 Coins has not been renewed for Season 3 on Max.

All hope should not be lost, however. In a recent interview with Bloody Disgusting, series star Paul Giamatti confirmed the creative team behind the show “plan[s] to do a third one:”

“I can only tell you that I know that they plan to do a third one; I would love to do it and would happily do it. There’s talk of it happening, so hopefully. I’m on board if they want me. Yeah, I’m on board. If they want me, I’ll do anything that guy wants to do. If he wants to do another movie or something, I’ll do anything with that guy. He’s fantastic.”

Season 2 started filming on February 11, 2022, with the season not premiering until October 23, 2023. So, if production were to start back up as early as January 2024, it likely would not debut until late 2025.

30 Coins Season 3 Potential Cast

While Season 3 has not yet been confirmed, most of its cast members should be expected to return. This could easily include any that have died throughout the show since the story is now in an alternate reality.

With a handful of original characters in another world, there’s likely to be lots of doppelganger action—meaning many actors could be working double duty.

Some of the actors and characters expected to return include:

  • Eduard Fernández - Padre Manuel Vergara
  • Paul Giamatti - Christian Barbow
  • Megan Montaner - Elena Martín
  • Miguel Ángel Silvestre - Paco
  • Macarena Gómez - Mercedes Gandía
  • Mandolo Solo - Cardenal Santoro
  • Pepón Nieto - Sargento Laguna
  • Javier Bódalo - Antonio
  • Nuria González - Salcedo

What Could Happen in 30 Coins Season 3?

At the end of Season 2, Christian Barbrow summoned the Eye of God to destroy all of reality, escaping the divine wrath himself thanks to an ancient UFO that piloted him and a few dozen others into a new world.

While the show’s original universe seemed destroyed, a handful of its heroes survived to journey across worlds: Vergara, Elena, Paco, Mercedes, and Santoro.

As for Christian Barbrow, is he happy with his destination? If not, he may want to try again and re-summon the Eye of God for round 2.

It does not seem like there is any going back, so the surviving travelers will have to make do with the world they’re now in. However, this will be complicated since duplicates of themselves are running around–like a version of Elena and Vergara, who seem to be romantically together and running Pedraza.

The real question is, how can the craziness of the series increase beyond what Season 2 brought to the table?

30 Coins is now streaming on Max.

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