30 Coins Season 2 Finale Ending Explained

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30 Coins, Paul Giamatti

Here's everything that happened at the end of 30 Coins' season 2 finale on Max explained.

Season 2's story topped the first season's in nearly every way imaginable, seeing Elena escaping from Hell itself, Padre Vergara returning from the dead, Laguna and Antonio shacked in a windmill, and Merche drunk on power. Most notably, the show introduced Paul Giamatti’s Christian Barbrow.

Barbrow wanted nothing more than to use the 30 coins and other ancient artifacts to destroy all of life, starting fresh. Usually, an evil plan like this would fail—but not this time.

Season 2 Ending Explained

Paul Giamatti in 30 Coins

So what exactly happened in 30 Coins’ massive Season 2 finale? It would be easy to start with the biggest bombshells—but they’re all nuclear.

On one side of the story, there’s Laguna and his crew working their way inside of the supercomputer facility to keep whatever is happening there from staying online. Unexpectedly, Laguna’s life is cut short (literally) as the big ventilation shaft fans spray him all across the tunnel.

To make matters worse, the entire group fails to stop the supercomputer from finishing its description. Basically, it all feels like the whole journey was for nothing.

On the other side of the world, Elena, Paco, Vergara, and Santoro arrive at Christian Barbrow’s end-of-the-world party in Nazca, Peru. The crazy billionaire plans to summon the Eye of God, which would destroy reality itself.

Paul Giamatti in 30 Coins

To escape that fate, Barbrow revealed an ancient alien UFO he found to his followers—yes, that sentence is correct. This craft can keep everyone in it alive during the summoning.

Not all of Barbrow’s people can fit on the ship, however. After some bloodshed, the crowd is thinned, and everyone finds their seats, including Elena and company, who squeeze their way inside.

On the outside, Vergara is trying to stop Barbrow’s UFO from leaving, something now possible thanks to the Supercomputer successfully getting what Barbrow needs and the necessary spell read out of an evil book.

Vergara in 30 Coins

Despite all attempts to stop them, Barbrow escapes into a new reality through the Eye of God, leaving the old world to destruction. Elena and Paco only narrowly survive by getting into ancient dive suits, while Santoro doublecrosses for Merche and is given his own Judas coin to survive the trip.

Lucifer finds a defeated Vergara and, instead of getting mad, tells him to go after Barbrow. This leads to the zombified priest taking a shortcut to a whole new reality—one which sees Pedraza brimming with life, though its inhabitants are far different than what he’s used to.

The most notable change? Well, Elena and Vergara are together and seem to be leading Pedraza itself.

What's Next for 30 Coins?

As it currently stands, 30 Coins is not yet renewed for a Season 3. It would be quite a terrible move for fans of HBO to decide not to order more episodes—the series would undoubtedly become one of the biggest unresolved cliffhangers in television.

As for what’s next for the story, it’s impossible to tell, given how insane the last season was in general. The creative team seems to confidently be able to go wherever their heart desires.

Of course, there’ll be plenty of fun doppelgänger action in Season 3. After all, the last universe seems to be gone forever, leaving all the main characters of the series in an unknown reality with alternate versions of themselves.

As for the big bad of the show, Christian Barbrow is still alive and kicking. Will he be happy with where they landed, or may he want to try again?

One thing worth noting is that while reading from that spell book, the villain one hundred percent uttered the name “Cthulhu.” Could 30 Coins be crazy enough to go there?


30 Coins is now streaming on Max.

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