Netflix Confirms Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon TRILOGY in the Works

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Zack Snyder's wife, Debbie Snyder, revealed that her husband's upcoming Netflix project, Rebel Moon, will now span throughout a trilogy.

Originally, the story being told by Zack Snyder in Rebel Moon was going to take place over two different movies.

According to Snyder himself, the project is an epic sci-fi fantasy that the filmmaker believes to be his own Star Wars story.

The Hollywood Reporter previously revealed the movie would follow a "peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy" that soon crosses paths with "a tyrannical regent named Balisarius," leading to "warriors from neighboring planets" teaming up to defend their home.

But with plans to expand to a trilogy, Zack Snyder has some ambitious plans for his new cinematic creation.

Rebel Moon Is Now a Trilogy

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In a new interview with The New York Times (NYT), the unexpected future of Zack Snyder's upcoming Rebel Moon story was revealed.

The tale was set to take place over two different movies, according to the film's producer, Debbie Snyder. But now, Rebel Moon will be a trilogy, Netflix confirmed to NYT.

While recently speaking on The Nerd Queens podcast, Zack Snyder made it clear that his new Netflix property will be an expansive one. According to the film director, he's even involved with an "insane" video game adaptation of his upcoming universe:

“The one thing that I’m having a really good time with – and I don’t really know if I’m supposed to talk about it – is this RPG that we’re doing that is just literally insane, and so immersive and so intense and so huge.” 

Snyder elaborated how the RPG game is on a "ridiculous scale:"

“There’s more coming, but all I’ll say is that it was pitched to me – because I’ve always wanted to do an RPG – like, ‘well, we could do it at this scale, or we could do it at ridiculous scale’... And I was like, ridiculous scale is clearly the scale that we should be doing it."

He then noted that he had to tell them "everything in the universe:"

“And they were like: ‘Well, it’s going to take so much time, we’ve got to do all these brain dumps, you’ve got to tell us everything in the universe, what’s happening, the science.’ And I was like: ‘It’s fine, I’m happy to do it, let’s go all the way.’"

Snyder finished by explaining that the game will have "a completely realized universe" and "it’s really going to be fun”

Is Rebel Moon's Expansion a Good Idea?

Zack Snyder is extremely passionate about Rebel Moon and the world he's created for it. After all, the filmmaker is building a lot of hype for it, so hopefully, it'll land smoothly with both critics and audiences.

Snyder's time at Warner Bros. working on the DCU ended with a handful of controversies, so fingers crossed that his new storytelling over at Netflix will be able to get past all his messy comic book movie past.

Fans of Snyder should be thrilled that the director is being allowed to stretch his metaphorical creative wings to create his new dream project. While it may not be the SnyderVerse many of his fans wanted to see continue, it'll at least be a work of love and passion directly from the filmmaker himself.

Though, many are likely wondering if sequels to Rebel Moon are a done deal. Will a continuation of the project be dependent on the first movie's success, or could Netflix continue letting Snyder do his thing no matter how it performs? 

Rebel Moon is set to hit Netflix on December 22.

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