Zack Snyder Reveals Joker Steals a Mother Box In His Justice League Story

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Joe Morton's Silas Stone, Jared Leto's Joker

Zack Snyder's highly anticipated cut of Justice League is set to finally premiere in March 2021 on HBO Max. The director's ambitious DC project will be split into four parts, feeling more like a mini-series than a typical film, and with its unique 1.66:1 aspect ratio, it's clear that Snyder is taking every measure to make this a DC film unlike any other.

Given all this anticipation, it's no surprise that Snyder is already hinting at options for a future Justice League sequel. The director's initial plans for his Justice League films included a two-part adventure, which would have culminated in a battle against Darkseid and fully explained Batman's Knightmare sequence and Flash's time-traveling cameo from Batman v Superman.

Zack Snyder has recently teased the possibility of finishing his Justice League saga through a comic book series, and now he's revealed a few story details that he would like to explore in a comic continuation.


In an interview with TheFilmJunkee, DC director Zack Snyder sat down to discuss his upcoming director's cut of Justice League, including more details on talks about the possible comic book continuation with artist and writer Jim Lee:

"Jim [Lee] and I talked quite a bit about doing a book or a comic book down the road to kind of finish this. If it’s a thing that would be interesting to the fandom they could always ask Jim about it. I absolutely would love to do a comic book. I said to him, we were just kicking it around, being dorks, 'You know what would be cool, I would love to do, say you’re in the post-apocalyptic world and Darkseid—the world has fallen, and there’s the ragtag team that’s left alive to try and put it back..."

Snyder even brought up an interesting idea as to how the Joker could fit into this narrative:

"We would also do the backstory of Joker killing Robin.' That would be the thing... The Joker is somehow involved in the stealing of the Mother Box and using it to create the treadmill. Because, in my mind, Cyborg was always going to do the math and figure out, 'This is what we gotta do to go back in time to warn Bruce correctly.' But I always thought that the conflict that was happening there was Bruce reliving the events—the death of Robin and what went into that. I was like 'That would be a fun comic book, even just the death of Robin.' A nice little one-off."

The entire conversation can be watched below:


It's no secret that Zack Snyder has been slowly building up towards a post-apocalyptic DC universe, but this possible storyline of the Joker using a Mother Box to make Batman relive some of his most psychologically distressing moments is an intriguing new revelation and would serve as yet another pay off from the numerous teases set up in Batman v Superman.

With Jared Leto reprising his Joker role for recent Justice League re-shoots, in scenes that Snyder confirmed were not part of his original story for the 2017 film, it's possible that Zack Snyder is already attempting to tease the Clown Prince of Crime's involvement in the events of Justice League, as well as a potential Justice League sequel.

Using the Joker and the death of Robin as an emotional core to a time-traveling dystopian Justice League sequel comic would definitely be another ambitious endeavor for Snyder, and maybe with another passionate fan movement, this mind-blowing concept could become an exciting reality.

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