XO, Kitty Season 2: Release, Cast and Everything We Know

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XO, Kitty Netflix

XO, Kitty will return for Season 2 on Netflix, giving fans a chance to find out what's next for the titular character's complicated love story. 

Created by Jenny Han, the show serves as a spin-off of the To All The Boys film series, with it focusing on Kitty Song Covey's compelling journey to find her true love in South Korea. 

XO, Kitty featured the return of Anna Cathcart as the titular character. The series made its debut on Netflix on May 18, 2023.

XO, Kitty Season 2 Release: When Will It Come Out?

Anna Cathcart in XO, Kitty

In June 2023, Netflix renewed XO, Kitty for Season 2. 

The renewal isn't surprising as the streaming service revealed that it debuted as Top 2 in the weekly Top 10 ranking with 72.1 million hours viewed.

Although the show received its much-deserved renewal, it is unknown when XO, Kitty will be back on the small screen. 

As of writing, the writers' strike by the Writers Guild of America ended while the Screen Actors Guild is still negotiating with the studios for a new deal. 

Keep in mind that the renewal was announced in the midst of the Hollywood writers' strike, so it's safe to assume that work hasn't begun. 

In fact, in an interview with India Today in July 2023, Sang Heon Lee, who plays Minho in the spin-off, confirmed that "it's not exactly easy" for the writers to "reach a conclusion on how to approach" the script, noting that they need time to figure everything out: 

“The Writers’ Strike in Hollywood is going on, and because of the strike happening at the moment, it's not exactly easy for them to just reach a conclusion on how to approach and write the script. It doesn’t happen like that, so until the strike is over, we have to wait until they all just figure out the conclusion. And then, after that, they'll write a script.”

Lee said that he has "no idea" what Season 2's story will be: 

"At the moment, we did hear from the network and everyone that the next season is happening. That's good news for us. But the scripts and everything in the story, we have no idea because, again, the writers are on strike.”

Given that the writers can now return to work, it's possible that scriptwriting for XO, Kitty Season 2 will start soon. 

If filming starts sometime in 2024, it could follow the same timeline as Season 1. 

Production for XO, Kitty's debut season took place from March to June 2022 and was shot in different locations, such as Seoul, Incheon Airport, and the Independence Hall of Korea in Cheonan. 

If Season 2 follows Season 1's production time frame, then it could likely be released in 2025 at the earliest. 

XO, Kitty Season 2 Cast: Who Will Return?

XO, Kitty Netflix

XO, Kitty's cast is packed with new faces and several To All The Boys characters. 

After the crazy cliffhanger ending, it's safe to say that almost all of the characters from Season 1 are expected to return. 

Anna Cathcart's Kitty Song Covey will headline the returning cast alongside a slew of Korean actors, such as Minyeong Choi as her love interest Dae, Gia Kim as her best frienemy Yuri, Sang Heon Lee as Dae's roommate Min Ho, Yunjin Kim as KISS school principal Jina Lim, and Michael K. Lee as Professor Lee.

To All The Boys actors John Corbett and Saraya Blue who portray Dan Covey, Kitty's dad, and Trina, his girlfriend, respectively, are also poised to make a comeback to give Kitty some guidance. 

Here's a list of the expected cast of XO, Kitty Season 2:

  • Anna Cathcart - Kitty Song Covey
  • Minyeong Choi - Dae Heon Kim
  • Gia Kim - Yuri Han
  • Sang Heon Lee - Min Ho
  • Anthony Keyvan - Quincy "Q" Shabazian
  • Théo Augier - Florian
  • Yunjin Kim - Jina Lim
  • Michael K. Lee - Professor Lee
  • Peter Thurnwald - Alex Finnerty
  • Jocelyn Shelfo - Madison Miller
  • Regan Aliyah - Juliana 
  • John Corbett - Dan Covey
  • Saraya Blue - Trina 

Some fans have been clamoring for the likes of Lana Condor's Lara Jean and Noah Centineo's Peter Kavinsky to make a cameo in Season 2. Who knows? Maybe the pair will swoop in and give Kitty much-needed advice about love in the upcoming season.

Speaking with The Wrap in June 2023, Condor admitted that she would "definitely never say never [to returning]:"

“I would definitely never say never [to returning]. I mean, I think it’s pretty clear that I love the 'To All the Boys' world and have dedicated a lot of my young adulthood to it. To me, that world feels like home.”

What Will Happen in XO, Kitty Season 2?

Anna Cathcart and Minyeong Choi in XO, Kitty

XO, Kitty Season 1 ended with a whirlwind of reveals for Anna Cathcart's Kitty Song Covey. 

Although she successfully arrived in Seoul and called it her second home, things took a turn for the worse when Kitty was expelled from the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS) after the school superiors found out that she had been living in the boys' dorm since she came to town. 

Kitty's relationship with Dae went off the rails after confessing to him that she has feelings for Yuri. However, it was revealed that Yuri is back together with her girlfriend, Juliana. 

To make things more complicated, Kitty sat next to Min Ho during her flight back to Los Angeles. Not only that, but Min Ho then confessed to Kitty that he had feelings for her. What a roller coaster! 

In an interview with Netflix in June 2023, Cathcart teased what's next for Kitty in Season 2, hinting that her journey for self-discovery will continue: 

“By the end, she’s like, ‘I literally have no idea about anything. I am figuring it out. There are so many new people now that are a possibility, to see her world expand is a huge, huge difference and will be a really fun thing to follow."

With romantic feelings and confessions everywhere, one of the main questions is who will Kitty end up with in Season 2. 

Whether Kitty's relationship with Dae will continue after a heartbreaking yet honest breakup remains to be seen.

Minyeong Choi, who plays Dae in the series, told TV Guide in May 2023 that his character "just doesn't try anymore" since he "thinks that's the way to love her:"

"I kind of felt like Dae wanted to hold her, so he ran to the airport. But after he hears what she thinks about [the relationship], he just doesn't try anymore. He thinks that's the way to love her, which is sad. It is sad that the only way that he could love her is to let her go."

Meanwhile, Sang Heon Lee, who plays Min Ho, spoke in a separate interview with TV Guide in May 2023 and hinted that his character is "still in love" with Kitty during the flight back to Los Angeles, meaning that romance is a strong possibility for the friends-turned-lovers: 

"The fact that he managed to sit in a coach, economy seat in the plane, and taking his time to be there next to Kitty is something else. Going through flight tickets, making sure everything's all right. It's mad. I would say he's still in love with her."

It's possible that Season 2 begins in the United States, with Min Ho and Kitty falling for each other. 

Given that Yuri asks her mom, aka KISS' principal, to reconsider the school's decision to expel Kitty, she may end up going back to Seoul soon. 

The character's return to South Korea would allow Kitty to unpack her confession to Yuri, but it could end up risking her potential relationship with Min Ho. 

Elsewhere, the quest to find out the identity of Kitty's mom, Eve Song, is also in the cards for Season 2. 

XO, Kitty Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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