What Happened to Paul Harrell? Health Decline & Cancer Diagnosis Explained

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Paul Harrell with his YouTube 1 Million Subscribers Plaque, Paul Harrell close-up

Following his announcement that he is suffering from cancer, many fans are concerned about YouTuber Paul Harrell's current health.

Paul Harrell is a YouTuber who has created content on the platform pertaining to firearms. He posted his first video on May 4, 2012 and has consistently released content revolving around tips and advice about gun ownership.

However, Paul has had to deal with many health problems as of late, which has forced his brother, Roy, to largely take over the channel in recent months.

What Happened to Paul Harrell?

Paul Harrell
Paul Harrell

Paul Harrell recently released a new YouTube video on July 4 to celebrate the United States of America's Independence Day. In the video, Paul made an appearance, shooting a few bottles with a handgun and explaining how grateful he is to his supporters and subscribers for including him in their prayers.

Although he appeared in the video, many fans continued to be concerned about his health, as he needed to use a crutch to help him stand up and shoot his gun.

Paul announced in July 2023 via a YouTube video that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At the time, he also added that his cancer was at stage two and assured fans that he would "be here for a long time."

He told fans that he would get past his sickness in time and that nothing would change regarding the channel.

However, in January 2024, Paul posted a comment on his video introducing his brother, Roy, that revealed he only had "a couple of weeks left" and that "it would take a miracle for [him] to get past" the cancer:

"I try to read all the comments. And yes, it would take a miracle for me to get past this. I have only a couple of weeks left. Your kind words are greatly helpful. Thank you."

As of writing, though, Paul is still alive and has appeared in multiple videos on his channel since he posted that comment in January.

However, since then, his brother, Roy, has largely taken over the channel. Appearances from Paul have grown increasingly rare, though he has been featured in quite a few most recent videos.

In the video where Paul introduced Roy, he also announced that Roy would completely take over the channel once Paul passed.

As mentioned, Paul is still alive as of writing, but fans have become increasingly concerned about his health and cancer as time has passed, especially after his July 4 video where he was seen using a crutch.

It is important to note that Paul stated in a comment of another video that, if he does pass away, fans will first be notified by the official YouTube channel and that it is important not to pay mind to false sources.

The Direct sends its best wishes to Paul Harrell, his family, and loved ones. 

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