MCU: Werewolf by Night Funko Pops FINALLY Unveiled (Photos)

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Werewolf by Night, Funko

With Werewolf by Night having originally been released in the fall of 2022, merchandise for the Special Presentation finally surfaced In the form of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures.

Marvel’s Werewolf by Night explored the more macabre and horrific side of the MCU. In the special, mild-mannered Jack Russell entered himself into a monster hunting contest with the intent of rescuing the monster who was being hunted.

It’s hard to think of a mainstream movie or TV series that hasn’t gotten its key players immortalized in Funko Pop! form. These seemingly ubiquitous little figurines have managed to capture the hearts of fans and die-hard collectors over the past decade-plus.

Werewolf by Night Funko Pops Creep Onto the Scene

Las Vegas Funkoholics' Instagram page posted a first look at the Funko Pop! Vinyl offerings for Werewolf by Night.

The figures include Jack in both his human and werewolf forms, Elsa Bloodstone, and the lovable but deadly Ted.

The Pops feature a black-and-white color scheme to match how the characters were portrayed in live-action.

As fans may recall, the titular Werewolf by Night is an unassuming man named Jack Russell played by Gael García Bernal.

Gael García Bernal As Jack Russel in Werewolf by Night
Marvel Studios

Russell only transforms into the Werewolf under a full moon.

The Werewolf in Werewolf by Night
Marvel Studios

Jack ends up befriending monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone who was brought to life by Outlander’s Laura Donnelly.

Laura Donnelly as Elsa Bloodstone in Werewolf by Night
Marvel Studios

Ted (aka the Man-Thing), is a good friend of Jack’s who’s gotten himself into a bit of a jam in the MCU special.

Ted in Werewolf by Night
Marvel Studios

Funko is the first toy company to capture these characters in plastic, with Hasbro having not introduced them in their popular Marvel Legends line as of yet.

What Could Be Next for Werewolf by Night in the MCU?

As nice as it may be to finally have some merchandise for the Marvel Studios Special Presentation, some fans might be wondering where Werewolf by Night and the associated characters will pop up next.

Unfortunately, nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet concerning more adventures for Jack, Ted, and Elsa, nor have there been any strong rumors about their return to the MCU.

The special was quite well received though so one would presume that Kevin Feige and the team at Marvel Studios have cooked up another spooky tale for this corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Perhaps an Avengers-style Midnight Suns team-up could occur down the road that would bring together the Werewolf, Elsa, Man-Thing, and other supernatural characters like Black Knight and Blade.

Marvel Studios’ Werewolf by Night can be streamed on Disney+.

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