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Warning — This article contains spoilers for “Episode 8” of WandaVision .

After a slow start, WandaVision is finally giving fans the much-needed answers from the show's long list of questions. Without many contexts, the hit MCU series began in a sitcom world from the town of Westview, showing off Wanda and Vision's blissful married life.

This seemingly perfect life raised multiple queries about what's really happening, mainly due to the fact that Vision is dead in the real world side of things. As each episode progresses, more secrets were unraveled , but the truth behind the Westview anomaly was only unveiled during the penultimate episode of WandaVision .

In the latest chapter, it was revealed that Wanda is the main reason why the fabricated world started by tapping into Chaos Magic. This form of magic is expected to be explored in the much-anticipated finale, but it seems that another facet of incantation was included in the episode.


“Episode 8 — Previously On” of WandaVision kept the continuity that a strand of hair is needed by magic users of the MCU to create a portal to a location associated with that character.

A prime example transpired during the events of 2017's Thor: Ragnarok . In the film, Doctor Strange asked for Thor's strand of hair to gain access to Odin's location on Earth.

Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok
Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok

The dialogue between the two characters at the moment above can be seen below.

Strange: “Can I... I need a... One strand of your hair.”
Thor: “Let me explain something, my hair is not to be meddled with.”

In “Episode 8” of WandaVision , this story element happened during the confrontation between Agatha Harkness and Wanda Maximoff where the former was trying to look into “some real reruns” of the latter's tragic past.

Marvel Studios' WandaVision
Marvel Studios' WandaVision

Upon getting a strand of Wanda's hair, Agatha says:

"It's been fun playing pretend for a while, hasn't it Wanda? [Latin spell] But it's time to look at some real reruns."


On the surface, this is an example of the interconnected nature of the MCU. The monumental franchise has taken viewers to different corners of the universe, but many would agree that the magic realm hasn't been explored in its entirety. It was only during 2016's Doctor Strange that this concept was pushed to the forefront.

Whenever the Sorcerer Supreme shows up, it's already a safe bet that magic will be involved, and this was further proven by the character's integral role in Thor: Ragnarok . That said, this raises the question if Strange will show up in WandaVision , considering that a massive scale of sorcery and witchcraft are included.

If anything, this clever nod could be the first hint of the arrival of Doctor Strange in the series. The guardian of the New York Sanctum has long been rumored to appear in WandaVision, and it would be fitting if the character does appear in the final moments of the finale to potentially assist Wanda.

Meanwhile, Agatha's witchcraft background is another unexplored corner of the MCU's magic side. Given the limited amount of runtime for WandaVision , it seems that the character's magic history will likely carry over to a potential second season or even as a subplot in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness .

Whatever the case, WandaVision delivered on the promise that will explore Wanda's magic like never before, and the finale is set to unveil a concrete piece in the puzzle by exploring how Chaos Magic ultimately became the core element of the Scarlet Witch.

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