WandaVision: Alternate Locations For Post-Credits Scene Revealed In Official New Concept Art

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Scarlet Witch Post Credits Scene Cabin

WandaVision was quite a ride. There was a lot to take in throughout this story of grief, trauma, loss, and family. Even Wanda Maximoff got overwhelmed by everything. While Loki seems to be challenging WandaVision in terms of being the strangest MCU adventure yet, fans will always remember the first project within Phase Four.

The last time audiences saw Wanda, she had run away from the consequences of her actions and set off to be alone, beginning the search for additional knowledge and power thanks to the new revelations provided to her by Agatha Harkness. She was far too busy to face all the terrible things she did in Westview.

In the after-credits scene for the finale of WandaVision, viewers saw her levitating as she scans through the dark knowledge held within The Darkhold. Wanda had chosen a secluded cabin off in the mountains alongside a beautiful lake. She was alone with her thoughts

Well, thanks to artist Finnian MacManus, fans can now see what that cabin could have looked like instead, and how different the vibe could have been.


WandaVision cabin
WandaVision cabin, for comparison

Thanks to Finnian MacManus, who has worked as a concept artist on a number of recent Disney blockbusters, fans now have their first look at some concept art that depicts what would have been WandaVision's after-credits scene. All six images can be seen below.

WandaVision, MCU, Marvel
Finnian MacManus

Two different variations of Wanda's cabin retreat are displayed here, although in a very different setting than seen in the final product.

WandaVision, MCU, Marvel
Finnian MacManus

Another cabin in the woods, that definitely gives off a secluded vibe, not to mention a very ominous feeling.

WandaVision, MCU, Marvel
Finnian MacManus.

These examples seem to be bigger, grander, and more complex than the previous concepts. Clearly, the creepy woods setting didn't fit well with what Marvel wanted to show to audiences. 

WandaVision, MCU, Marvel
Finnian MacManus

The last concepts shown for the creepy cabins feature a more sprawled and spaced-out design. MacManus was definitely leaning into the witchy vibes of Wanda's character.

WandaVision, MCU, Marvel
Finnian MacManus

Having designed many exteriors for the cabin, MacManus also had to design what the theoretical spaces looked like inside. Here, fans can see the coziness, yet primitive feeling that this concept radiates.

WandaVision, MCU, Marvel
Finnian MacManus

The final piece of art shows off another interior. This time, the design is much simpler, and not nearly as grand and sprawled as the previous one.


The process of creating things like WandaVision is an immense undertaking, and the amount of work that has to be done to get to that final product is insane. Just look at all the many variations of a simple cabin that had to be created just to get to that perfect spot. 

It just goes to show how things could have ended up so differently. Just look at the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch had signed an agreement to appear in WandaVision—only for Marvel to decide against it.

It's always a pleasure to look behind the curtain for these massive projects, not only to learn how it was made, but also what could have been—and what was left on the cutting room floor. Things such as Monica Rambeau's therapy scenes, or our characters fighting a demon!

One thing's for sure though. As much as fans thought Mephisto was the villain pulling all the strings, it seems that he was never truly in the running to appear on the show.

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