WandaVision Nearly Featured a Chaos Dimension For Scarlet Witch's Magic

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While many thought Black Widow was going to be the first project released for Marvel's Phase 4, but fate said otherwise. Instead, the christening of the next era of the MCU went to WandaVision.

On top of that, it was the very first Marvel Disney+ show. Audiences were ready, though as the show was not only a hit, it also provided a springboard for the following Disney+ shows. Needless to say, it was about time that the MCU got back into the swing of things.

While there was a lot that WandaVision gave to audiences, there were two very notable points. One was fans got a brand-new fantastic villain in the form of Agatha Harkness. And Agatha leads into the second point, which was properly introducing audiences to Wanda's Chaos Magic, and what exactly that means for her character as well as for the greater MCU. 

However, at one point, both the roles of Agatha and Chaos Magic were set to look a lot different from what fans saw earlier this year.



In an interview with Rolling Stone, head writer of WandaVision Jac Schaeffer was there to discuss the show for an Emmy campaign push. 

At one point, Schaeffer started talking about the breakout villain Agatha Harkness. In the show, she's only revealed towards the very end of the season and is quickly shown to be an antagonistic force in Westview. Apparently, that wasn't always the plan, as according to Schaeffer, at one point her character was more of a "mentor and magic-expert." 

Going further into that idea, Agatha was meant to teach Wanda a very important "final binding spell" that would have come into play during Wanda's final goodbye to Vision.

"One of the things that never changed was that in the finale, Wanda would have to say goodbye to Vision. In my original notion of it, that goodbye was like a final binding spell that she had to do. And it was tied to a spell that Agatha had taught her early in the series, where a gravy tureen had shattered, and Agatha taught her this very basic binding spell. In the end, what she has to do is integrate her trauma, and she has to bind Vision back to herself with that spell." 

However, obviously, in the end, Agatha's role changed to "an antagonistic force" because they "needed that in the series." 

One thing that was surprising is that apparently, at one point, while exploring the ideas behind Wanda's chaos magic, the show was set to have "a chaos dimension."

"There was more dissection of the idea of chaos magic [the source of Wanda’s powers] in the [writers] room, too. When we hired Matt, there was a long period where we were trying to design a chaos dimension, which ended up not serving us and wasn’t necessary." 


It's no surprise that the idea of a Chaos Dimension was on the table at one point. Given the upcoming heavy focus on the Multiverse, it would have been an easy inclusion—one that would have fit in perfectly.

Even though it didn't end up making an appearance, it's something that could easily still show up in the future. Hopefully, when the Art of WandaVision releases later this year, it will include some concept art from the ideas that they threw around. 

For now, fans still have plenty of chaos to look forward to, as Wanda will next be seen in the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Given her newfound powers and drive, it's all but a given that audiences will be taken on a crazy ride and see plenty of wild new things. And who knows; maybe Marvel saved the Chaos Dimension for Wanda and Strange's upcoming adventure? 

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