WandaVision: How Agatha's Theme Song Montage Was Filmed

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Marvel Studios' first Disney+ project, WandaVision, has been a creepy, comical adventure through some of the most iconic eras of TV sitcoms. The show has simultaneously furthered the greater MCU story while making reference to television classics like Modern Family, Malcolm In The Middle, and I Love Lucy. As Westview has morphed through these different generations, so has the cinematography.

Not only has the theme, humor, and costumes been accurate to each decade, the way each was filmed and edited has followed suit as well. One of the most entertaining aspects of Kathryn Hahn's big reveal "Agatha All Along" sequence was how viewers revisited the previous sitcom eras from the show. This new angle of previously seen footage gave fans an entirely new perspective while reminding them of the events that transpired over the first seven episodes. 

How this catchy and comical montage was created has been revealed.


WandaVision cinematographer Jess Hall recently went into detail with Collider on how the Marvel production filmed Kathryn Hahn's memorable "Agatha All Along" montage. Hall revealed that "for the most part" all the scenes through the different eras were filmed while shooting that episode. However, he did point out that it wasn't entirely that simple.

"Because you know, she's in that period costume, there's a transition where she goes from one costume to another, which obviously was a little different, that was shot slightly out of sequence."

Hall further explained that the crew "didn't want to have to go back" and remake each era to film Agatha's musical montage.

"But generally, we got those shots when we were on those sets, because the sets were dressed period-specific and we didn't want to have to go back and redress a house or redress the street for that period."

He further describes how they would have to reset their settings to capture these "very specific shots" of Agatha.

"So we'd try to shift out of our sitcom world at the end of that work, and we'd be like, okay, right now, we're going to do all our 'Agatha All Along' moment. I mean, they're very specific shots, they're all single shots, so they often required a type of camera platform or type of crane or some sort of camera move that might not be used in the rest of the episode. It would require a little bit of a kind of shift and methodology for us. But yeah, we largely did them in sequence."


It is now clear that Marvel put a lot of effort into the making of "Agatha All Along." Their hard work appears to have paid off as the villainous theme song is now on the top of the iTunes soundtrack category charts. Many fans were pleased to see that Kathryn Hahn herself performed the song.

Getting to hear about the behind-the-scenes of any Marvel project is always exciting for fans, as each of them is so thoughtfully crafted. Hall's quotes display the dedication fans appreciate and have gotten used to over the MCU's continual 13-year run. The commitment of WandaVision's crew should not go unaccounted for, as "Agatha All Along" is only a one-minute sequence. Hall indicating that entirely different cameras and equipment were need for Agatha's "single shots" show their devotion to this simple, yet pivotal, theme song parody.

Fans can expect an even deeper look into the making of WandaVision when Marvel Studios' Assembled episode focused on the Elizabeth Olsen-led show premieres March 12 on Disney+. Until then, viewers can tune into the penultimate episode of WandaVision this Friday, February 26.

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