Marvel's Kevin Feige Admits To Singing WandaVision Spoilers Before Airing

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WandaVision kicked off Phase 4 in a magical way.

Marvel Studios' first Disney+ streaming series threw Elisabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany's Vision into the spotlight, setting up a bright future for the next round of MCU projects. The show even nabbed 23 Emmy Award nominations in the process.

As the show followed Wanda and Vision throughout the manipulated Westview Hex, fans were treated to a multitude of new characters.

Highlighted in this new group was Agnes, the overly friendly neighbor who was later revealed to be Agatha Harkness, portrayed by Kathryn Hahn. Agatha exposed herself as a witch to Wanda and even admitted to being responsible for all of the strange occurrences happening around Westview.

Since the series took place as a false reality from Wanda's perspective, fans got to see a large portion of the show as a sitcom that was set in different decades throughout the late 20th century. Just like any sitcom in those time periods, each episode had its own theme song played during the intro.

Episode 7, titled "Breaking the Fourth Wall," premiered the very catchy "Agatha All Along" intro, confirming to viewers that every bad and weird coincidence was actually put into motion by Agatha. The song even received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently spoke out about Kathryn Hahn's performance as the cunning witch and even admitted to singing the intro tune before the episode had even aired.


Agatha All Along

Feige recently sat down for an interview on the D23 Inside Disney podcast to answer questions regarding WandaVision, specifically mentioning Agatha Harkness actor Kathryn Hahn and the "Agatha All Along" intro song.

The Marvel boss expressed how pleased he was to work with Hahn, complimenting her as a "great actor," while also teasing that Marvel does "want to work with [her] again":

"Well, I mean, that's the same answer as before. Great character. Great actor. Great response. And, why wouldn't you want to work with Kathryn Hahn again? We do want to. It didn't surprise me that she was great, because she's always great."

Feige also talked about all the theme songs that were included in WandaVision, praising that "they were all great" and "any one of them" had the potential to resonate with fans:

"It was wonderful to see how her performance, and that song, in particular, really popped through. I thought every theme song that we were lucky enough for our director, Matt Shakman, to finaggle his friend, Bobby Lopez, into doing for us, I thought were great and any one of them could have popped."

The Marvel Studios President went even further by saying that he "would go around singing them," to the point where people would tell him that the songs, in particular, "Agatha All Along," "were spoilers:"

"I would go around singing them. And sometimes people would go, 'Those are spoilers.' Like, I would go around singing 'Agatha All Along,' and they'd go, 'The episode hasn't aired yet. You have to stop singing it.' But I guess that's a sign that that would be the song that would pop, because that's the one I sang."


While it's quite funny to hear the President of Marvel Studios say that he "would go around singing" the songs in WandaVision, his comments actually prove just how important music is for a television show or a movie.

If someone were to take the intros out of the beginning of the WandaVision episodes, it would take away part of the story. Even though the songs can be identified as fun little pieces of each episode, they become part of the viewing and, in this case, listening experience.

For example, imagine if Marvel Studios stopped taking away their logo at the beginning of MCU movies. Even though that is a minuscule part of the film as a whole, it is integral to the Marvel experience.

The fact that "Agatha All Along" was nominated for an Emmy Award says enough about how well it was received by viewers. Any of the other songs that were written and performed in the show could have easily been nominated also, as they were all incredible.

With any luck, "Agatha All Along" will be able to bring home the award, and hopefully, WandaVision can secure as many wins as possible.

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