WandaVision Radio Teases Westview Kids Won't Return

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Billy, Tommy and Wanda in WandaVision

Warning — This article contains major spoilers for WandaVision

Despite the fact WandaVision adapts the premise of various iconic sitcoms from multiple decades, the series continues to explore darker themes. The very concept of the Disney+ entry displaying Wanda's kidnap of a town full of people to use as puppets in her perfect world is extremely sinister in itself.

The concluding moments of the series' fifth episode had Vision beginning to question the reality, and notably its absence of any children in Westview aside from Billy and Tommy. The Halloween episode that followed showcased children in the town for the first time as they went trick-or-treating for sweets.

Exactly how Wanda's reality works continues to be a mystery. In the same episode that brings more children into play, Vision explores the boundaries of the town noticing people standing totally still. The zombie-like residents of Westview imply Wanda is saving her power by only controlling those needed to serve the current “scene,” meaning the town possibly has far more citizens than are seen.

A lot of the darker elements of the series have been hidden in cryptic clues and Easter Eggs to keep the show family-friendly. However, a radio playing in Wanda's kitchen in the latest episode seems to hide a much more sinister message than many may have believed.


WandaVision cereal

In the early moments of WandaVision's latest episode, a radio is heard playing in Wanda's kitchen as she makes a bowl of cereal. Thanks to closed captioning, fans have been able to interpret the message playing as it alludes to the events of the previous episode.

The radio host begins his show with the acknowledgment of the channel "W.N.D.A.":

Good morning, Westviewians. Thanks for tuning in to W.N.D.A.

Not a thing weighing heavily on your conscience.

Shortly after this, the host mentions the "kiddos" who came out for Halloween trick-or-treating during the previous episode:

I hope your little ghosts arrived home safe last night.

It's always such a treat to see those creepy kiddos out and about once a year.

Later on, we'll hear some tips on how to resist the temptation of all that leftover candy. Or just eat it all?


On a first read-through, this message may seem to be a harmless reference to the trick-or-treating scenes of the '90s Halloween special. However, a closer analysis reveals a potentially darker message that may come from Wanda's subconscious.

As Wanda is in control of everything in this reality, the background radio can be interpreted as her inner monologue. The reference to the children as “little ghosts” only being “out and about once a year” seems to indicate Halloween is the only time the children are seen — something which is supported by their absence in past installments.

Additionally, the radio presenter's odd tips on “how to resist the temptation of all that leftover candy” would potentially imply the parents have now been left with all the children's uneaten sweets.

The frozen citizens of Westview on the outskirts of the town give Wanda's reality a very sinister nature in that she is only using the people when they're needed in her perfect world. It seems as if children are only needed in Wanda's world for the one day a year when Halloween comes around, while they are frozen the rest of the time.

The penultimate episode of WandaVision is likely to offer more answers to the workings of the false reality and will premiere on Disney+ this Friday.

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