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Apple TV+'s Land of Women has fans looking for everything to know about one of its leading actors, Kate star Victoria Bazua.

Land of Women is a new limited series featuring Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria as Gala Scott, a woman forced to flee to Spain with her mother and daughter. After her husband disappears in the wake of financial dealings going to hell, these women's lives are turned upside down.

Brought to the small screen in both English and Spanish behind Longoria and her castmates, Victoria Bazua enjoys a co-starring role in the new six-episode series as Kate, Gala's daughter.

4 Things To Know About Land of Women’s Victoria Bazua

Victoria Bazua in Land of Women
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Victoria Bazua Started Out as a Model

Before her acting career, the 5'6" actress initially started as a model for the Queta Rojas modeling agency when she was 14 years old (via Elle).

Bazua was also selected to participate in an acting project filmed in Spain as part of her deal with the agency, catching the attention of luminaries of the industry in New York and Los Angeles as well.

While Land of Women is her first official credit, this program started her training as an actress while simultaneously working as a model.

Victoria Is Self-Motivated in Her Aspirations

Victoria Bazua is emphatic about being self-motivated in her aspirations as she moves forward in her acting career.

Speaking candidly with The Hip Hop Update, Bazua said, "I inspire myself" when asked about how she finds motivation in her work.

She looked back to a time when she dealt heavily with depression, pushing her to pursue her acting and modeling dreams as she told herself she could not hold back on going for her goals anymore:

"I was lying in my bed in a horrible depression, doing nothing. That motivated me to do what I liked; I said, 'I’m Victoria, I can’t stay here doing nothing,' and I started to pursue my dreams."

She also credits her family for their full support in achieving her goals, calling their belief in her the "motivation to push forward:"

"The support of my family has been everything. They’ve helped me chase my dreams, which is vital no matter what you pursue. Their belief in me has always been my motivation to push forward"

Eva Longoria Took Care of Victoria During Land of Women Filming

Bazua credits co-star Eva Longoria for taking care of her during filming for Land of Women, in which Bazua plays Longoria's young daughter Kate.

When asked about the relationship between her and Longoria (via Big Gold Belt Media), she explained how close they got while admitting that co-star Carmen Maura was not sure if they were all going to look like family. 

Longoria also made sure to "[guide her] through the whole experience," taking the young star under her wing:

"Thank you for calling it organic, because it was. It was all real, we were like this (fingers crossed) since the beginning. At first, Carmen was like ‘I’m not sure if this is gonna work, I’m not sure if they’re gonna look like my family. As the days went on, we got super close because we were 24/7 together, and we just got super close. I feel like also, Eva put herself in my shoes and was like ‘I gotta take care of this child, I gotta put her on the right path,’ and she guided me through the whole experience, Carmen as well, she got great advice. It was really natural on-screen when we were filming, it was all natural. We had no problems, it was fluid."

This came as something of a shock considering Bazua did not even know who Longoria was before filming (per USA Magazine).

Victoria Wants To Send an Important Message About the Trans Community

As a trans actress, Victoria Bazua wants to send an important message to the entire community concerning representation on the big and small screen.

Later in her chat with Big Gold Belt Media, she offered hope that the trans community can "be respected and to be treated with love," describing the community as "normal people living normal lives:"

"Firstly, I hope that the viewers take in that the trans community, trans people are human beings, and we deserve to be respected and to be treated with love and respect. We’re just normal people living normal lives, our gender identity is just one percent of who we are. For example, Kate is not just trans, she’s an artist, she’s a teenager, she’s a daughter, she’s a granddaughter, and there’s a lot of us. We just want to be treated normally."

How to Follow Victoria Bazua Online

Fans looking to follow Victoria Bazua on social media can do so on Instagram (@victoriabazua) and TikTok (@victoriabazua).

New episodes of Land of Women premiere on Wednesday nights at midnight ET.

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