Top Gun 3: Producer Reveals If Tom Cruise Has Talked With Him About Potential Third Movie

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Tom Cruise as Maverick, Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick's success led many to wonder if Top Gun 3 will be made, and a new update from its producer has shed some light on the matter. 

Tom Cruise made a triumphant return to the skies in Maverick after decades of waiting from fans. The demand for the sequel was high as it shattered Spider-Man: No Way Home's box office record for the biggest second Friday of the pandemic era.

As Maverick became one of the breakout hits of 2022, talks about a Top Gun 3 among viewers have emerged online. Now, this question has been addressed.

Top Gun: Maverick Producer Addresses Top Gun 3 Possibilities

Top Gun Tom Cruise

Speaking with Variety, Top Gun: Maverick producer Jerry Bruckheimer addressed the chances of Top Gun 3 and if he talked to lead star Tom Cruise about it.  

When Variety pressed Bruckheimer if a threequel would happen, the producer responded with, "we'll see:"

Variety: “So when is the sequel to the sequel being shot?”

Bruckheimer: “You tell me…”

Variety: “Yes, you have an idea. That’s your job. Is it going to happen?”

Bruckheimer: “We’ll see. You’ll never know.”

When the reporter asked Bruckheimer if he already spoke to Tom Cruise about ideas for Top Gun 3, the Bad Boys producer admitted that he still hasn't talked to him since the actor is busy shooting the new Mission Impossible movie: 

Variety: “You want it to happen. Have you talked to Tom [Cruise] about ideas for it to happen?”

Bruckheimer: “Not yet. He’s in the middle of shooting 'Mission Impossible.' He’s got a lot of very difficult hard stunts he’s doing, so it’s not the time to take his attention away from what is important to him right now.”

On a related note, Top Gun: Maverick actor Miles Teller also shared his thoughts about Top Gun 3

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Teller pointed out that he's been having some conversations with Cruise, but "it's all up" to the actor if a threequel will be made: 

"That would be great, but that's all up to TC. It's all up to Tom. I've been having some conversations with him about it. We'll see."

While the status of Top Gun 3 is still in the air, Teller admitted that he'd developed a special friendship with Cruise while filming the sequel:

"For him to share 'Top Gun' with me and a lot of these other young actors it's just been such a wild ride, and it's still going."

Will Top Gun 3 Happen?

Top Gun: Maverick producer Jerry Bruckheimer's latest comments indicate that there is no concrete plan yet for Top Gun 3

Aside from its box office triumph, positive critic reviews and fan reactions have bolstered the chances of a threequel being made. Still, Bruckheimer and Miles Teller's remarks point to one thing: it's up to Tom Cruise if he wants Maverick's story to continue. 

This isn't a surprise since it all boiled down to Cruise on why Top Gun: Maverick was made in the first place. John Kosinski, the sequel's director, first admitted that Cruise wasn't initially interested in returning to Maverick, but he managed to convince the actor through his pitch for the story.

That said, Top Gun 3 will happen if the story is interesting enough to make Cruise return. The sequel already delivered a satisfying ending for Maverick, but the movie also proved that he will always be a fighter pilot before anything else.

Hopefully, more stories will be told from the Top Gun adventure.

Top Gun: Maverick is streaming on Paramount Plus. 

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