Watch: Tom Holland Receives MCU's Spider-Man 3 Script, Shares Excitement

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The excitement surrounding Spider-Man 3 is already at an all-time high, especially after the slew of big reveals in the past weeks. The cliffhanger ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home served as the biggest selling point of the upcoming threequel, but rumors surrounding a multiverse-based adventure for the web-slinger took the excitement to a whole different level. 

After portraying Electro during Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it was previously confirmed that Jamie Foxx will return as the villain in the MCU's Spider-Man franchise, but whether or not the actor will play the same version of the character is still a question on everyone's mind. On top of that, the confirmed involvement of Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange only added to the multiverse-fueled rumors of the threequel. 

While fans wait for the eventual confirmation of the narrative of the next installment, production for Spider-Man 3 will commence soon, and Tom Holland recently confirmed the development by posting a video of his arrival in Atlanta. And now, the MCU's Spider-Man has now shared another video, teasing that everything is coming together for the imminent start of production for the threequel. 


In a new Instagram story, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland revealed that he finally received the script for the currently untitled Spider-Man 3. In the clip shown below, thanks to Twitter user cullenvinyl, Holland shared his excitement for the film while also teasing that filming for the threequel will take roughly "five months." 



For the past two Spider-Man movies in the MCU, Tom Holland has been active in terms of promoting the release of those respective films, and it appears that the actor is following that tradition for the threequel. Holland's excitement upon receiving the script clearly shows that the actor is ready to film scenes right away, even though he just wrapped filming another blockbuster in the form of Uncharted. In a way, this bodes well for Spider-Man 3 and the rest of the MCU, especially after numerous delays have hounded the franchise this year. 

It was previously revealed that the first look at Spider-Man 3 will arrive this December, and it will no doubt give a potential preview of what's to come for the threequel. By connecting the dots, Holland's presence on the set could potentially mean that a glimpse of the new costume of Spider-Man could arrive this December along with the title reveal of the film. More so, given that speculation is already mounting about the plot of the next installment, the first look in the coming months could either confirm or put past rumors to rest. 

Whatever the case, it's a good sign that Holland has already received his copy of the script, adding another positive step to the forthcoming production of Spider-Man 3

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